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Making Chocolate Chip Pancakes

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Video Transcription

hey guys welcome back to another video
for today’s video I am going to be
making pancakes because last time we
made pancakes with my friend Lindsey we
kind of burned a lot of them oh so I
just want to see if I can do better and
we deem myself I’m also gonna put
chocolate chips in them this time
because we have chocolate chips okay so
what we will need is some Bisquick milk
bowl to mix everything and some eggs and
a whisk so I’ll get back to you guys
when all the ingredients are in the bowl
okay all the ingredients are in the bowl
you got a mix
nine of all the ingredients are mixed
perfectly in this batter you can start
to do the cooking now that we have
everything I’m going to trim the other
two five
cuz that way they won’t burn and then I
have this for scooping up the batter and
this for flipping the pancakes so now
that the heat is on I’m going to get
back some batter right on okay and then
I’m gonna sprinkle some chocolate chips
on so now that’s you have some hot glue
chips lon
we just have to wait
Oh No okay all right
it’s really messed up then I’m trying to
flip a second one that was actually
really good yeah you know I’ll show you
thank you guys so much for watching I
hope you enjoyed this video I know I
really enjoy this because now tomorrow
morning I get to have chocolate chip
pancakes but if you did like this video
make sure to LIKE and subscribe to
mention make sure to watch all the other
videos on my previous channel because I
just posted video yesterday whereas
doing the blog with my friend so hope
you guys really liked this video enjoy
the rest of your weekend

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