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Luyện Nói Tiếng Anh | Rèn Kĩ Năng Sống | How to make pancakes

Trong video này, bạn Bảo Lan sẽ hướng dẫn các bạn làm món Pancake hay món bánh rán Doremon.
Link mp3 và Transcript:

Hi everyone!
My name is Baolan. Today I’m going (gonna) to show you how to make pancakes. Do you like to eat pancakes? I love to eat pancakes. If you like to eat pancakes, then follow me. Let’s go cook some pancakes.
In order to make pancakes, you’ll need: flour,sugar, eggs, milk, a little bit of salt and baking soda.
First, I’m going to add flour.
I’m going to put in three (teaspoons), three big spoons of flours, 1,2,3. Three spoons of flour.
Next, I’m going to put in some sugar.
Now, I’m going to crack the eggs. Time for the second egg.
And now it’s time for the milk.
Let me get some. I got the milk.
Let’s pour some milk in the bowl. There! That’s enough milk.
Now, I’ll add one spoon of baking soda. I’m gonna add a teaspoon of baking soda.
You don’t really need to add baking soda, but if you do, it will make your pancakes fluffier and yummier.
Now, I’m going to put a little bit of salt, just a pinch of salt. There!
Now, I’m gonna mix my batter up.
If you batter is too thick, you can add more milk.
If your batter is too watery, you can add more flour.
I think my batter is a little too thick.
So, I’m going to add a little bit more milk.
I think that’s enough.
If you want your pancakes to be yummy, you need to mix the batter very well.
Use your muscles to mix up that batter.
I think my batter is done now. What should we do next?
That’s right. We’re going to (gonna) cook the pancakes.
Let’s go into the kitchen.
Here is my pan. I’m going to put in on the stove.
I’m gonna ask my mom to turn on the stove for me.
If you can do it by yourselves, that’s great!
But if you need help, that’s fine. You can ask your parents.
Mommy, I need help. Can you help me turn on the stove, please?
I’m going to put some oil onto my pan.
I use this tool but you can use a small spoon to spread the oil. There!
Now I’ll wait for my oil to get hot then I can transfer the batter to the pan.
Wait a little bit.
I think the oil is very hot now. Let’s put the batter in. There!
Be sure to adjust the cake so your pancakes don’t burn.
I think that’s good.
Now, let’s wait for the pancake to cook.
Do you want to sing a song when we wait?
Let’s make up a song to the tune of Twinkle twinkle little star.

Pancake pancake so yummy, yummy yummy yumy yum.
Pancake cooking sizzle sizzle, pancake cooking sizzle, sizzle.
Yummy pancakes, yummy, yummy. Yummy pancakes, yummy, yummy.

That was a fun song, right?
Let’s check if our pancake is ready.
I don’t think our pancake is ready yet.
Let me check if one side of the pancake is done yet. Oh, I think it’s ready.
I’ll use this tool to flip the pancake, but you can use chopsticks.
Let’s flip the pancake.
Yeah, our pancake is flipped, how do you think it looks?
Look! I think my pancake’s ready. Ooh, yeah, it’s definitely ready.
Let’s put my pancake onto a plate. Ta-da, the first pancake is done.
Let’s make the second pancake.
You just have to follow the same step as we did before.

Pancakes are so yummy yum! Yummy Yum, yummy yum.
Pancakes are so yummy yum
Let’s eat some more pancakes.

I’m a little pancake yummy yummy.
Eat me up and swallow me in your tummy.
Cooking pancakes is so fun! Yum yum yum yum yum yum yum.
Cooking, cooking pancakes…

Huh? Ooh, I think the pancake’s first side is done.
This looks really good.
Prepare to be amazed by my third pancake.
This pancake looks so good even without oil.
Now that our pancakes are done, the final step is to enjoy your pancakes.
I’ll try one. Uhm, it’s so good.
If your pancake is not too sweet. You can ask more honey or syrup.
I think my pancake is sweet enough. Uhm, so yummy.
I hope you had fun making pancakes with me.
Don’t forget to give me a thumbs up. Bye!
Suzi, do you want to eat pancakes? Some eat some pancakes.

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