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Are you bored at home? Watch us idiots make pancakes

just being stupid.

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Video Transcription

hey guys so after seeing that meme Iknew what I had to do I had to make somepancakes so that’s why I did I know thisisn’t the stuff you usually see on thischannel but I felt like it so why notso you’re just gonna like watch me eatand make pancakes so byeokay so I’ve got flour and I’ve alreadyput I don’t remember how many cups offlour I put in here I think – so I’mgonna put two more so this is my thirdcup of flour no get one more actuallygonna pause it and then when I come backwe’re gonna use it for right yeah yeah[Music]crazy spoons of baking soda be all ohyeah that’s right herewait baking soda night this is doubleacting is twice this journal oh oh yeah- so we have this stuff here looksexactly – then we’re gonna dump that inthen you want to helpyes we have eggs this is Hardy who looklike I want it you know what I canprobably aim it down do you want it helpyou know I have to do everything bymyself yeah yeah all right there we gowe’re smart we have to a what did you doto this thingwhat are you doing like nothing weirdcrap well that’s the left part can youcrack here why did you break in thankyou visiting no it’s just the show areyou sure boss I thought yolk fly out noyou didn’t you know because I’mintelligenthey just have our four eggs put them inhere then do you know that’s cold eggsyou know it’s called a glass ball noa mixer I’m pretty sure okay wait wasn’tnow we need 8 teaspoons of melted butterwe get the butter dad that’s Easter heyguys so we got our one stick of butterthat we’re gonna need for the ateaspoons and when we come back you’llbe melted all right so we got the butteroh you go it’s butter I don’t know ifyou guys before it’s kind of Awesomeperfect that is so butteryall right I think we’re doing that’s hadit okay we got the milk and it to makethree cups of this very gross tell me alittle about Reza pilots like Burnettright come fromI mean juicy bread and now we get alittle thing that looks pretty much likeflour and eggs something that’s what itis do you know what you work it no wellyou turn the steakyeah but we’re sitting on the me likethatokay then put in one first there it goesall right so it’s cooking wait are youstirring what does that look appetizingyepdon’t worry my dog actually come onabsolutely yeah that’s the fun we can wecome back we’re gonna be putting it in apan so we didn’t put enough flour in cuzthey told GC so I mean it’s just gonnaput a little more in and do at leastyeah sure yeah all right there you gowe’ll see all right let’s see so justgonna be flipping pancakeswe’re running out seems to say so guessI’m just gonna talk how’s your day tohave been going leave in the commentsbelow if you’d like to see video leaveit in the comments belowyeah if you liked this video leave it inthe comments don’t click the thumbs upthough how much you like itno please if you enjoyed this videoplease remember to hit that subscribebutton and like the video also you canwe need comments if you like yeah leavecomments like my brother said cuz yeahguys so we’re going to be making whippedcream now wait with that okay thank youso we have heavy cream we’re gonna dumpit in here yeah looks like choppy[Music]we just put the maple garrisonand that’s all you needokay so that is what cream we’re gonnago eat pancakes alright so we have ourwhipped cream here and our pancakes takethis whipped cream make a big whop Ican’there we go we have some whipped creamand there we go maybe you should try tomake pancakes at your house and then eatthem so bye

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