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Live IT, Cook It, Eat It! Carrot and Raisin Pancakes

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Video Transcription

hi everybody my name is Sarah and I workfor Darby County Community Trust sotoday we’re going to be looking at thequick healthy recipe for somethingdifferent for breakfast breakfast themost important meal of the daybut a really good thing about thisrecipe as well you can cook them havethem hot with lots of different thingsand then leave them to cool and thegreat any lunch boxes or for a snapduring the day so first thing today isobviously very important especially atthe moment I have washed my handsdownstairs but I’m just gonna put alittle bit my hand sanitizer on soplease make sure you wash your handsmake sure your hair is tied back and youhave got an adult with you who can justgive you a hand with this just becausewe’re using hot pans okay so get thatnice and dry I’m using a party plannertoday but a frying pan at home is greatagain make sure you’ve got an adult withyouso I’ll just pop this on and today justas a nice healthy option I’m using a frylight so that’s just a little bit ofspray but if you did want to use alittle bit of olive oil that isabsolutely fine so I’m just gonna givethat a little squirt and I’ve got all myingredients set out here all theinformation about the recipe and theresource is around eating a nice healthybreakfast is going to be on the websiteso you can have a look back to geteverything ready can adapt this as welluse different things in there but that’sall on the recipe so the first thingI’ve got here today is wholemeal flourso I’ve got 100 grams of wholemeal flournow this is great because it’s got morefiber in it and it’s gonna keep ourtummies nice and full if you’re not abig fan of wholemeal you can use 5050 orif you just got white flour in you canuse that for a whole meal is the bestoption so I’m just gonna tip that inthere in a bowl move it out of the wayand then I have got some milk here aswell I’m using a semi skimmed milk so ifyou’re over five semi skim milk is thebest option if you’re under five it’sstill full fat but you get all thegoodness after this okay so I don’t knowif you can see my bowl there and put myflour in and I’m just gonna tip this innice and slowly and give it a little mixjust putting half in to start with justto get the mixture go in so just give ita little mixsee it’s going a little bit sticky thereso I’m just going to keep going withthat adds a little bit more in goodexercise for the arms as well so at themoment it’s a bit strange time so we’reall a little bit out of routine and Iknow sometimes we’re all getting off alittle bit later but it’s really reallyimportant then we have a good breakfastto set us up for the day try and keepingthe habit of your three meals a day andyour two healthy snacks so you can seethat’s going a bit blue kids getting abit harder to stir so what I want to donow is put the last little bit of milkin put them over there give it anotherstir and we’ve got our whole milk flourfor our energy in here and it’s gonequite beauty looks bit lightly ticksthere actually so now I’m gonna crack anegg into there so I’ve got a nice eggegg is good for us it’s protein it’sgreat for our muscles so it also helpsto keep us full so just crack that inthere put that over there and give it alittle stir let me seeit’s gone the eggs go in there so givethat a good mix again right if youdidn’t want to make more of these youcan just double up the recipe so todayI’m going to be putting some gratedcarrot in and some sort honours but aswell it’s growingyou can put blueberries in you can evendo whatever you want and it’s great butshe consumed it with some yogurt slicingphenomenon there’s so many things youcan do with this recipe so it’s got anice and runny there and what I’m goingto do to give it a nice little flavor isI’m gonna put in a teaspoon of mixedspice again cinnamons brilliant for thisas well so just put that in there we goadd that in and give it a mix now it’sgoing nice and thick which is what wewant and secret ingredient is somenatural yoghurt and this makes it reallynice and fluffy but also makes it likethe American pancakes that we can see soit makes the batter nice and thick butagainwe’re getting ournow began to break from bones also goodto keep us nice and full so just get thelast bit give it a mix so you can seenice and gloopy there so what we’regonna do now give it a little mix I’mnot gonna put the song time is in for aminute but the secret ingredient to helpus with this nice healthy recipe is ourgrated carrots now I can imagine some ofyou go who don’t like that but you can’ttake the carrot in there just give itimagine it’s like a carrot cake it justgives it that nice flavor we’ve got thespice in there as well and I was gonnamake it really tasty I’m just gonna popthat in I’ve weighed that out there’s 80grams there so I’m just gonna mix thatinto the mixture the way there we goit’s all going in so just watch yourfingers when you use the grater so thepan is nice and hot I can feel it therewhere they’ve been a party pan it’sslightly different so you are using astove just make sure that you keep aneye on that so again give it a littlemix up there we golooks nice and tasty and what we aregonna do now is give it a good old mixmake sure it’s all in there the excitingbit so you can make a big pancake butlike I was saying earlier these aregreat to cook and actually save thelater cold to make a brilliant healthysnack as well as a breakfast so justchecking my pans okay I am gonna get myspoon you could always put it in a jokeas well if you want to and just dribbleit out so I’m just going to turn it offa touch to make sure this works there wego and I’m just gonna drop it in the panso you can hear it sizzling and I’m justdoing some smaller ones but like I sayif you wanted to make bigger ones go forit the great thing about this recipe isis you can play around with it and dolots and lots of different things withit so in it goes I’m not going to cookthem all and also the mixture will stayin the fridgewell if you didn’t want to cook them allso as long as you keep it covered in thefridge you can make a big batch so therewe go so I can hear them sizzling smelldelicious as well I know some peoplehere are ready for their breakfast sowe’re just going to cook those away soI’ve got my fish slice here so I’m justgoing to give it a little touch aroundthe edge the oil is going to make sureit’s not going to spec and I can seealready I’ve got my pan on a little bithigh because we don’t want them to burnso I’m moving those around that one’ssticking slightly let’s get that one offthere we go flip that one already therewe go and I’m just gonna get my raisinsnow and just dribble it for you on thetop so again make sure you’ve got anadult with you and if you’re feelingcreative you can make some faces inthere you can make it look beautiful sothere we go just put that up slightlyjust push that in make sure it’s workingthere we go and I’m gonna flip theseover can you see how easy they’ve comeout so we’ve used the fry light there wego and just get ready and turn it overthere we goWow is looking nice smelling nice aswell so with your breakfast it’s themost important meal of the day it’sreally really good to get you ready forthe day set up for the day try and havesomething healthy without any sugar init if you don’t have your breakfast inthe morning it can make it when you’requite prone to going to unhealthy foodlater on for lunch or snacking so it’sreally good to get caught up first thingin the morning so these make a reallynice if you bought to be a cereal allthe different things you’ve been havingand also you’ve got two of your five aday in there already so you’ve got yourgrated carrot you’ve got your raisinslike I say I’m gonna have these probablyoff-camera with some banana and someblueberries and what I’m going to do isadd a little bit of natural yogurt onthe side which makes a really healthyalternative to cream so let’s have alook at these so they’re nearly therethat’s so easy there’s hardly anythingto that so I’m just gonna have a look atthat oneoh and they’re looking good see theydidn’t take longI’m just going tomy pan off and I’m gonna get ready toshow you how they look so I’m just goingto use this plates here now here we gocome out beautifully so they look alittle bit brown just because we’ve usethe wholemeal flour so I’m just going toadd them up here put them on there therewe go get ready to serve them out justmake sure your pan is turned off as welllike I say you can use blueberries andneeds instead I’m gonna have these nowwith some natural yogurt and my bananaso I hope you enjoy making these don’tforget to keep an eye on the websitebecause there’s going to be lots andlots of different things the recipe willbe on the website with the ingredientsand also that we have a healthy eatingsheet all around breakfast and why it’sso important so enjoy don’t forget ifyou want to send in any pictures to uswe’d love to see what you’ve made sotake care can’t wait to see you all soonand enjoy

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