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Making American pancakes

I really enjoyed making American pancakes with my older brother Dylon.

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

[Music][Applause][Music][Applause][Music][Applause][Music][Applause][Music][Music]hey guys welcome back to another videotoday I’m going to be making Americanpancakes for my brother before beerstarted to into the video pleasesubscribe to my youtube channel and putthe thumbs up so let’s do that in fivefour three two onehave you didn’t that yet step 1 you needto have 50 grams of butter I’m not inthe butter and when it’s melted you’rejust gonna leave it to cool down so youneed to have two eggs and caster sugaryou’re going to put 50 grams in now youneed to whisk the castor sugar and the2x now you need to put them out tobutter into the mixture and stir it uparound the tablespoon and a teaspoonwe’re going to be using a teaspoon we’regoing to be using the teaspoon withvanilla extract we’re gonna have onelike teaspoonnow mix so we’re going to be adding coldmilk 275 now[Music][Applause]now we need 180 grams of plain flourwith the plain flour you need a teaspoona half of teaspoon of salt you need toadd two tablespoons of baking powdernow we need to sift the plain flour thebaking powder and the salt into themixturethe hobbits at the end you can pressdown with a spoonnow you mix the mixture pilots move itcan be a little hard when it’s alltogether because flourmy brother’s gonna just mix it a bitmore now we need to add the butter intothe pan then you’re going to add someolive oil into your pants and after thatyou’re gonna add some butternow we flip it overI’ve got some tips for you the first tipis don’t put the batter on until the panis hot do not flip the pancake too earlybecause it’s gonna rip themtwo ways you can turn it you can eitherjust turn it as mom or you can eitherflip it now that all the pancakes aremine we’re gonna decorate them of coursesome hot water in this cup and the spoonin that because if you have golden syrupand it’s too sticky if you don’t justput some water in it won’t be that sticka brothers trip drizzling get on thepancake there got yourself on the bunkwe’re going to add some boat on top ofthe pancakes so it’s like a decorationbut we want a thin layer we add someblueberries and raspberries you can alsoadd strawberries if you want some mintadd the best of dilemma up with thisgonna sip some icing sugar and there weare the perfect pom-pom cake to enjoy[Music][Applause][Applause]

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