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Video Transcription

hello Jeremy gt350 sangria’s uni is 150grams of self-raising flour 50 grams ofsugar 1/4 of tables teaspoon salt 1teaspoon of any oil 1 Bobby usingcoconut oil ok wonderful difference offresh milk 1 egg lemon zest and a littletiny bit of cinnamonlet me pour it in the somewhere you go100 grand for methe girls off sugar and so after that ohyes one reminder this is only to fightassist pancakes and next we are going tobe putting in one day 1/4 teaspoon saltlemon zestI think just the whole lemon like allthe skin on the lemon the white part yousee the word pie here doing the work hasbeaten the rather even 140,000 oohwe’re gonna crack the egg and put it inone tablespoon of oil you sporty loseryeah he’s studying the dry think they’rewet ingredients Rickyyokasand now we’re going to be pouring thewet ones with the dry onesdo not over do not over like stop itcause they tell you I think it’ll behappyanything you ask kitchen we use anonstick pan so it’s first the syrupannual sticker you don’t remember and wehave to put in the also think it workswe are going to be using excuse take thefirst pancake which is usually taughtclass format already the second althoughwe usually leave it for tonightand then you check with a love thing orchopstick or whatever you use and sheasked the back at stop so that I’ll flipit over and agree sleeping it over with- Pete and I take the toothpickto prove like my theory correct that iiwill be nicer I’m gonna make it a secondbatchand then you check with love thing orchopstick or whatever you need and see Isee the back expo so gotta flip it oversee the second batch is much morebranded compared to the first onemusic in this half haha white one isfully brown and see my surgery wascorrect okay so let’s go checkI don’t know that is a stupid thing Ihave a triumph and it’s simple and it’svery cheap I recommend is easy don’t doit yourselfif your teeth of the fire is dangerousso I hope you want to join me the nextmaking tutorial goodbye

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