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Li W TV 209 How to Cook Chicken and Vegetable Pancakes 【家在美国】利生活频道 必须试一试这样做 鸡肉蔬菜营养煎饼🥞 内软鲜香 外又酥脆 好吃

Li W TV 209 How to Cook Chicken and Vegetable Pancakes 【家在美国】利生活频道 必须试一试这样做 鸡肉蔬菜营养煎饼🥞 内软鲜香 外又酥脆 好吃 If you would like to make a donation to help support us, please use the link above. Thank you.’t miss another Li W TV video. Check out our channel America’s best skincare products, and an opportunity to support the Women In Need International Foundation

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Video Transcription

[Music]preparing lunch she’s going to be makinga special kind of pancake with potatoestomatoes some sausage and some chickenand some vegetables so as you can seeright now she’s peeling potatoes sweetpotatoes as well Chinese car horn sothere’s a home so and this to tau alphamale ensue mulling so to tau home soyouso now Lee is cutting her sweet potatoand potato celery and green pepper[Music]youokay we cut the sweet potato in thepotato head and and you need a sort ofwateroh then we came to learn the flower andthe meat or vegetable I’ll put some oilin the shot and it tastes good a littlebitokay okay these are used to waterbilenda flower is before I cooking sweetpotato in the potato of water the soupthe nutrition is tasteful I put somestraw in a lot oh that vegetable are youokay there’s some green color to keep ahot Berlinjeez the Chesham cheese tastes kind ofgoodbilenda cheese anyway you can do youfavor your local tastes you can putinside Polly okay you can make sure youcan put a little bit sureand I pour a little best soda pointerflowerso Destinoh hey everything readyright in all your hat[Music]I love you give you everything you wantme to think about if I could I’ve gonedown the moonget up to[Music]sunset[Music][Music]one thing’s true never ask for nothingyou thinkI will be the[Music]sizes[Music][Music][Music][Music]

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