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cook with me | japanese fluffy pancakes ft my siblings

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Video Transcription

hey you’re welcome back to my channelyesterday I am here with my good oh mybad before you started with this videoplease make sure y’all subscribe just godown there click that a bit buttonsubscribe and hit the bell so you getnotified every single time that I post avideo now I know it’s been like a monthsince I’ve been gone but if y’all wantto know where I’ve beengo watch my last vlog and it willexplain all that I’ll link it up heresomewhere I don’t know where she justwent but to get us started with today’svideo me and my sister are going to bemaking Japanese fluffy pancakes I sawthis on Twitter from the guy he has atick tock I think his name is like milktea and he just makes food on tick tockso we decided to do that today[Music]so the ingredients you need we havethree eggs vanilla extract milk you usewhole milk but we don’t have any wholemilk so 92% we also have almond milk ona regular basis I do not drink dairymilk knowledge at all emo but for thepurposes of this video we’re going touse two personalities vegetable oilwhite distilled vinegar this flowers[Music]this is my competing show she bakes okayI haven’t signed on play his video withit or not but we’re just gonna getstarted with the first step first stepis you crack three eggs you separate theyolks from the egg whites let’s get toitseparate the yolks from egg whites I’venever done this before so you just putthe whole thing in it and the ball ringso you can do it like that or you can doit oh you’re smart no you can pull itout it’s easier actually some people sayit’s easier okay miss Baker yeah I knowdo that you can grab it like that yougot a grab you like a baby like youcan’t do okay yeah I got this so I haveto get another egg because obviously Idon’t know how to separate the egg whiteso let’s try it again maybe this issomething a lot of people no no no noall right I just another job all right Igot to do this all over again luckily mysister is a pro so she cracked but youhave to wait for me to get to the nextpartyou know I don’t yes you do yes allright yes you need to leave all rightyeah I got one egg white so far next oneso obviously I’m not a chef cooking doesrun in my family but it’s get me I can’thit his video[Music]1/4 1/4 smallest measurement you put inthe yolks pasty maybe some flour 1/4 cupof milk after flour me neither show youme after vanilla extra clean enough thatit does not need any because I cleanedup before this all right I’m sorry abouta little intermission have sometechnical difficulties in your time justwatch just two hours at this point isthere – to order obviously it looks toowatery so and mine will turn out rightwe know now let me see mama I’m gonnawatch the video you need[Music][Music][Music]yeah[Music]I feel guys stay a little melt gay thatmeans is get into the right consistencyand her still looks like clear Joe yeahI don’t know yetbut you can’t use that you know younever seen videos where you go like thisin these days with this phase Leonspatula doesn’t drip down Bend s1 isready not even get a hat your evildoingthese kids are going these cooking showsI could never meet some music oh I can’tcopyrightoh it’s getting thick okay I see youyeah I see thatlook at the drag drag all right publicshow that got thicker yesI’m gonna pause the video and get backto you after we finish always clacker soguys obviously I took over you can seeokay guys this is where I’m atall right about now I’m just kind of I’magain dudeokay guys you switch now this this is myYoshi Oh perfect[Music]you know I would just put this in thebowl we just wanna keep it moving atthis point I’m gonna put my egg whitesand my egg yolks in the bowl of eggwhites just for the floors bigger yeah Idon’t know how this turns out backbecause I literally just follow theinstruction I’m gonna show you mythis isn’t supposed to look like I’myour point in there this is what burgersman just flip it together so you can putit in the painting tasteyeah I see that six nice okay I’mstoppedI’m stop young stop I’m almost ready tocut I move the camera my ladyit’s so much better than my shuttercamera all right yeah we’ll come backand show y’all a on a finished resultall right y’all this is the end of thevideo because I’m embarrassedyou gotta go I gotta eat it no just goout this is all mine look and this ishow my daughter my brother said nobodywould competitionyou see okay so I’m in Russia so forsailors presentation I give me a suitbecause it’s not Japanese pancakes butit doesn’t mean it’s crepe like you knowsaga for a – it’s a nice presentation isfluffierhowever doesn’tso this gets a fiveyeah just gets a father no not everyfive and a half all rightnice a lot jealousI will give it jealousy’s will get aFord does it what it is – I’m going totaste right now at least you swallowedman herssorry medic too thick for you to handleshe looks sailor won a competition niceheads got a zero thank you so much forwatching you guys so please make sureyou like comment subscribe if I said Iwasn’t gonna do another one this is hotone he’s not try this out do not try tosit on your discretion arrived

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