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Coronavirus Cooking – Ep. 1 – Pancakes

Today’s recipe is Pancakes!

This is a variation on the original Betty Crocker Cookbook recipe.

appropriate measuring cups/spoons

baking powder
olive oil
4 oz. container of apple sauce
2 eggs

Since everything started up with COVID-19 and Coronavirus, I began to get into a funk as a result of losing regular interpersonal contact (I _am_ an ENFP). To help with this, I started doing Facebook Lives so I could get some interaction with others.

I chose to do cooking videos for a few reasons – I love to cook, I love to talk about food, and I also know a lot of folks may not know how simple some things are to make.

I’ll try to improve the quality of the videos as we go – resolution should improve beyond the crap video quality you see here.

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Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

there we gogood morning anybody who wants to pop inon this one of the things I’ve done aspart of our family for many many yearsis having pancakes on a Sunday and singsout everybody’s locked into their housesright now I thought I would share thisall with you todayI know I’ve shared the recipe before I’mgonna run through it today and show youall stuff that we do but then we’ll gofrom there oh by the way best thing youcan ever have in your kitchenthe original Betty Crocker cookbook thisis a variation on the recipe that is inhere so what I’m going to go ahead andstart out with is gonna get a couple ofmy mencuffs things set out I didn’t grab thosebefore I did this so I’m sitting herenow playing catch-up having to get someof the stuff together there we go allright so ingredients for this 2x we havea cup of milk have let’s see hereTaleSpin sugar two tablespoons ofalthough I always like to throw in oneof these little things of apple saucethis is remember I’d buy the quarter cuponce you get all that stuff put in andmixed up and put together there we havethe put in a full cup of flour I usuallydo that half-and-half between whiteflour and wheat flour and then I also amgoing to put in 1/2 teaspoon of salt andwe put in 3 tablespoonsI’ll start 3 teaspoons of baking powderand then also going to be throwing in alittle bit hey Dina I’m going to throwin a little bit of cynosure netsignature or cinnamon powderground cinnamon as soon as I can grab ithere or do you cinnamon go there’s thecinnamonthere we go so I’m gonna it’s ready hereI’m talking if anybody has any questionsby all means feel free to pop in yourhead age nut I’m gonna try and keep upwith this because I’m about you guys butI would rather do a little bit of thisand talk to you guys rather than good tosee you – Dina rather to do this thensee you guys and then have to payattention to some of the other nonsensegoing out I’m going to throw this intothe trash be right backng dumped so how’s the feed going doesthe feed look okay the feed sound okayis the volume okay now I’m gonna startwhisking this eggs I am going to add mytablespoon of sugar a little bit ofcommunity around here lately so thesugarhey Scott how are you doing twotablespoons of olive oil the regularrecipe says corn oil or similar I hatealways have white olive oil instead heyChris I was thinking this weekend aboutdoing this occasionally I make biscuitson Saturdays and I was thinking aboutdoing this with biscuits yesterday butthat didn’t happen so I thought you knowwhat I’m making pancakes this morningthat’s happening todayyeah I see melody popped in are youdoing there’s my cup of milk and some ofthese things you can totally screwaround and adjust all the stuff goodmorningI am just somebody everybody popping inI realized lately how much I miss painand talking with everybody and singtheir sunshiny faces so I thought Iwould fix that for you guys and theregoes my applesauce concern theapplesauce and the olive oil my secretingredients on this one and again thisrecipe based off the original BayPackers cookbook there are so many goodthings in here that if you have theopportunity especially now that a largearea to be making our own stuff I wouldhighly recommend if you get a chance toget to a used book store or somethinglike that find a copy of this if you tryto go in you I’ve tried to buy theseonline and like I’d love to have it fora Kindle or for the iPad or somethinglike that but all they have is thedigital stuff they’re all a lot newerrecipes or different recipes or I mean Ijust don’t want to get stuck to thetechnology so anyway so I’ve got my wetmixed up I’m going to now start addingmy dry and again you use I use 1 cup 1cup of flour and I split that betweenwhite flour and wheat flour for the Idon’t Janell still on I know you’regonna appreciate this is wheat Montanafrom Three Forks somehow I don’t knowwhy Walmart down here in Arkansascarries leave Montana I’m not used tojust that up in Montana and then forthis you can do all wheat all whitehowever you want to do it so we gotthose to seal that up here in a bit I’mgonna start stirring the flour in andthen the same time I’m going to startaddingone two and three teaspoons of bakingpowder and 1/2 teaspoons of salt andthen my other favorite things here heyDan a JoEllen my other favorites inaddition to the applesauce hi Gretchencinnamon a lot of people don’t realizehow good that is so I’m gonna go aheadand stir this up and about the time Iget done stirring it I’m going to goahead and turn on the skillet I like touse the electric skillet for thispartially because you get to control thetemperature a little bit betterpartially because it has a better flatsurface that and also if you’re cookingsomething like hi Maggie if you arecooking bacon or sausage or somethinglike that you can go ahead and use thesame service so only if heat turned upon that I never really thought I wouldhave a real strong feeling regardingbacon of course we all have strongfeelings I think but this is a strongfeeling regarding where I get my baconfrom and I am very much anymore a bigfan of Arkansas bacon and I usually willtake my strips of bacon instead doingone big one thing I don’t cut it intoMorgan chunks and I’m gonna get thisdrop down and continue to go onbecause once this starts to really getcooked up and I will go ahead and startbut the pancakes on it for that I’llprobably end up pulling the camera so Ican there we go hi Christine hi Karensorry if I’m missing buddy else in thereso who else still here see a couple ofpeople who have their logos up in thecorner yeah Arkansas does no bacon andsausage and ham kind of create well theyare Razorbacks but it really is justamazing goes from the local bacon thatyou can get here in Arkansas it’s reallysome special special stuff and so wealways try to get Arkansas bacon overanything else all right so I know that’sa no-no all my measuring stuff it’sgonna go back in the sink Pettijohn hamthat’s how you doing thinking of cookingup nicely I’m gonna slide that all overhere in a bit and then start droppingdown the pancakes yeah let’s see herehow well can you see thator the Bacon’s that hey again how areyou doing and for Facebook lines it if Iremember it correctly any part of thisif you want up catch it afterwards andgo back to it and watch it again on thewide but you can I am going to[Music]Grammy’s Luffy’s and sick a lot morethan and again I typically take my baconam i doing down to the point withchopsticksit’s faster you here to manage yourcooking on some surfaces so I got mypancake fabric it’s all tough knowingScotland s we’ll see who was that thatwas well it’s common desk over inOklahoma nice so let’s go ahead I’ve gotmy favorite meandering sent back in hereso accurate and that’s all this justfigure out what size pancake you likefind a spoon that works for it and thenjust sitting there and just I mean justreally honestly with pancakes you canalways you can take them off too soonyou can never take them off too lateso with that going I’ve got bacon goneI’ve got pancakes gone and I would bemore than happy to answer any questionsanybody has while I’m here but otherthan that thanks for stopping by thekitchen if you’ve got anything going onI hope everybody is taking care ofthemselves I hope everybody is takingthis whole thing seriously part of thereason why I’m doing this is it helps mekeep myself centered and it gives me achance to feel like I’m in a little bitof community with everybody else who’sout there I know I’ve got friends acrossabout ten states her 20 states probablyandI worry about all of them whether frommy hometown or where I’m at now or someof the places I’ve lived and nobody totake care of themselves and just kind offigure out that we are in a new normaland part of that is having to take alook at doing stuff like this fromscratch this clicks not going to be away to do itand I’ve been making these from scratchor most of 20 years now and so againBetty Crocker your new best friend goout get hold of this from anywhere I useso much stuff from this everything forpancakes the hollandaise saucegood stuff other than that feel free tostay in touch if anybody is needing totalk to somebody talk to them whetherit’s me or somebody else we I knowthere’s a lot of stress going on I knowthere’s a lot of us who are trying tofigure out how to deal with this that weare dealing with right now please findsomebody find some way to make yourselfhappy and it’s gonna be difficultgetting there but when we’re here we’rehere so if you’ve got any anything elseyou need I think I’m gonna go ahead andlet me see here pancakes or bub ones I’mgonna go ahead and see what these looklike on the other side there we go niceBrown there we goso there we are and we are on our way soI’m gonna go ahead and kill this featbecause I need to get my food togetherfor my family here in the house you guystake care of yourselves hope you’re allhaving a wonderful day take carethis next few weeks it’s gonna get worsethan what we think it is so just findthose people around you and be safethanks a lot bye-bye

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