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A Pro Chef and a Home Cook Make Soufflée Pancakes

Japanese style soufflée pancakes attempted by a pro and a novice

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Video Transcription

[Music]okay so here I have all of myingredients nice tout they always wantto make sure you have everythingtogether before you start cooking thatis the most important you don’t want tostart cooking and realize that youforgot something so here I’m just gonnaadd my eggsI’ve been illa extract the milk and oilI’m going to mix all of that togetheruntil I see some bubbles and then we’llmove onnext I’m going to add in sift in theflourI had some cake flour left over so justgonna press out the lumps leaving all ofthe hard pieces in the strainer I’mgonna mix that together really wellbecause you don’t want any lumps oh youdon’t want any pockets of flour that youleft out always making sure to get theflour from around the bowl don’t forgetto scrape the sides I’m still seeing alittle little small lump so that’s whyI’m continuing to mix and then afterthis I’m going to go ahead and take myegg whites and sugar over to the mixerwhile I do that to get to this point Iwhipped the egg whites until a soft peakform and then I added half of my sugarand I whipped it and then I added theother half until I have let you see hereI’m gonna take a big spatula at thistime no longer a list because I don’twant to break down that egg late and I’mgoing to fold in the meringue that wemade I didn’t realize how much meringueit was until I started adding it to thesmall amount of egg in milk mixturebut you want to mix until you don’t seeany streaks of yellow and white you wantit to be a completely pale yellow it goahead and add in a third scoopmy arms started getting tired at thispointmaking sure to get the middle of yourbowl because it’s very easy to forgetthe middle part and you still haveunmixed product sitting in the center somaking make sure you’re getting theedges make sure you’re getting themiddle and just folding it into thecenter and I’m going to go ahead and addthe last of my meringue[Music]nope nope there’s more so much meringuebut I loved itin my previous it took me forever to tryto figure this out and do it properlythe other recipes that I tried had themore watery typical pancake like mixturewhich was not what I wanted so once Ifound this recipe and figured it out Iam very happy that it’s a light fluffythick mixture that can stand up on itsown without having to use a mold to keepit together that’s what’s gonna give youthe height to your souffle pancakesit’s a meringue that we made so on theprevious recipe that I tried it just hadme whip the egg whites into a soft peakand then mix the sugar into the eggs butit works a whole lot better to make ameringue and mix the sugar into the eggsit stabilizes it it makes it so muchthicker and that’s where the money is inthis recipe that you see here all rightso we’ve got our pan heated I’m going toI poured in the rest of that oil fromearlier that I did not use I’m gonnawipe my paper towel around to get up allthe access excess excuse meI’m going to wait for that to heat upjust a bitand now I do not have a portion scoop soI’m just going to use my measuring cup Ithink this is a half cup measuring cupI’m going to put that in there I’m gonnaput another dollop right on top pourjust a like it teaspoon 1/2 teaspoon ofwater into the pan to create some steamand then I’m gonna cover it and let itcook let’s take a look see what we’vegot still holding its shape of which Iabsolutely love I don’t think it’s quiteready just yet so we’re gonna go let itgo the bottom was not golden enough youknow still very pale all right let’s trythis againyeah ready to flip I’m gonna turn theheat up just a little bit though it’s amagic I was so happy at this point theother day when I tried this recipe notthis specific recipe but another one Iwas so upset about it because it was soflat it just looked like a like a fluffyregular pancake and that’s not what Iwanted look at that fluffy pancake yousee that jiggle so great happy dance yesnice and fluffy lots of jiggleand I’m very happy with this recipeall right guys it is lost shell not cheffrom chef and chef and today we aremaking souffle pancakes but can I juststart off by saying that this particularrecipe is the bane of my existence itwas so not pretty okay it was not thebest experience that I have but we’llstart right into it basically you justsaw me separate the eggs which I meanI’m sure that’s like basic skill 101 Iuse the eggshells in order to helpseparate it some people use their handssome people have like these handy littlemachines but anyway you mix it youseparate it and I’m gonna start with theegg yolk with some milk and some vanillaflavoring and you’re just going to whiskthat until I get very lofty and foamy sothat’s what you see me doing herethis actually takes a little bit moremuscle worse than I thought it would soonce you start seeing those bubbles keepgoing a little bit longer until it’slike this really and another thingyou’re gonna notice is that this wholevideo is probably gonna set up justbecause this recipe is prettystraightforward as far as what theingredients are and how to mix it thebiggest thing that you will need ifyou’re gonna try this recipe at home isto make sure you have your techniquedown that is going to be the mostimportant thing ever so now what i’mdoing i’m adding a sifter and i thinkit’s like 1/4 cup of flour and ateaspoon of baking soda and that’s gonnabe your leavening agent in order to helpthese rise to get fluffierso then you just want to mix thattogether andit’s just combined so you don’t want todo too much mixing or over mixingbecause at the end you want this isstill have a fluffy texture so that I’mgoing to set that aside okay so heregoes the fun part we are going to whipthese egg whites until they are nolonger once you start sayingthat’s gonna add sugarget this to the pancakes again thesethings are not really sweet and itdoesn’t take a lot of ingredients one asyou can see you only need 2 eggs 1/4 acup of flour a tablespoon and a half ofmilk and this 2 tablespoons so as yousee we’re mixing it it’s getting thickercloser to the consistency that you wantit to look like I’m raising upspeed of the hand mixer you can do thisby hand this a lotso if you guys decided to try makingsomething news or something let us knowwhat you’re making if you tried bread orcookies or if you’re just baking morecooking more you definitely love to seein the comments some of those picturesor even just sharing with us some of therecipes you use so now that the eggs areegg whites are completely picked up whatwe’re going to do is we’re going back tothe egg yolk mixture that we had beforeand we are going to add half of the eggwhites into that mixture and we aregoing to Wick’s it whisk it in untilit’s combined but you want to be carefulwith this step because you don’t want totake out a lot of the air bubbles whichis going to help it have that that liftin the end so once that is mixed and itis well combined what you’re gonna donow is I’m still next thing I probablyshould have stopped mixing it’s combinedyeah right there see that okay so onceit is completely combined then whatwe’re going to do is we’re going to addin the other half of the egg whites andthis time we are going to fold them invery very gently you want to keep thatpillowy texture in there you want it tohave that high lift you want to be ableto still hear the bubbles in there solet’s do it very very gently just makesure you fold it in you see that rightthere is technique just like slowly mixit in until it’s completely incorporatedand once that’s completely incorporatedand a homogenius mixture and everything looks niceand even and a smooth texture you don’twant any lumps or air bubbles in theredefinitely a smooth thick texture thenwe’re moving over to the skillet so I’ma skillet I just have a little bit ofoil you want the oil layer to be s thinas possible one we do not want thepancakes to stick of course but if youhave too much oil at the bottom of thepan it will cause oil spotting what wewant with these pancakes is a verysmooth brown color you don’t want tohave too much of the little spots andlittle errors so this is more of like acosmetic step you don’t need to take itbut go ahead after you wipe it in thereand you’ve got it heating up a littlebit you take a paper towel and you dabup any of the excess oil that couldcause any any of those spots therethat’s what we don’t want so once wehave this all preheated on a very verylow heat because this is going to bemore of a patience kind of game thenwe’re going to add in our batter so thisright here is where I went totallycompletely and utterly wrong I crowdedmy pan way too much I was not beingpatient enough and I put all fourpancakes in the pan at the same exacttime which we will see at the end whythis additions of being more of an uglydelicious kind of thing it still tastesso good they still tasted fine but asyou’ll see in the final results they arenot as pretty aswe would want them to be so I’m goinghead and I’m putting in the batter andyou just want to like lightly scoop itin there and you want to give it heightyou don’t want it to spread so you’renot spreading them you’re trying toposition it in a way that you’rebuilding on top of each other versus aflat flapjack because this is not goodall right so this next step right hereputting water in there is going to helpkeep the pancakes in moist as they cookyou’re just gonna drizzle in about atablespoon of water into the empty spotsof the pan and then you’re gonna put thetop back on and let the steam in therethis is gonna keep the pancakes moistthis is definitely more of a dumplingtechnique which makes sense because thesouffle pancakes originated in Japan andthat is a cooking technique that you seeover there so you’re just gonna wait andlet them cook the steam is gonna keepthem moistyou’re gonna do it for about six secondson both sides you’re gonna flip it overand do the same thing but again my panwas too crowded I was not able to getall the way underneath and flip them sothey are kind of crinkly they don’tjiggle as much as you’ve seen like yousee in those other videos when you liketouch the plate the pancakes will kindof have like there’s wiggle cuz they’revery light and airy these were stilllight they were still airy they justdidn’t have all of the aesthetics that Iwould have liked to have seen butoverall it was a pretty good pancake I’mdefinitely going to have to make theseagain and redeem myself but yeah theseare my ugly delicious soufflepancakes yeah so see you next time

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