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Kid chef making pancakes

Learn to cook pancakes – First time cooking pancakes and first youtube video.

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

oh hi guys it’s a Lana and I’m gonnateach you how to make pancakes so firstyou need pancake mix of course and Ipersonally recommend cognac cubes butany pancake mix is totally fine you needa bowl I need a whisker it’s fine if youdon’t have a whisper just use a spoon[Music]and you also need a pen so what we’regonna start doing is we are I’ll takethe milkopen it up what about as much milk I putas[Music]pinch mix and that looks about good I’llcome in and get a bit more okay so nowyou take your whisker and start mixingit okay this is a bit too lessway moreokay so now you crack the egg so I liketo do is um I usually take a knife andpack it in between but we can also usethat and shove a bowl so we do that andthen we’re gonna throw this awayokay I’m gonna whisk it up now that’sbecoming this bit too stiff okay so guysnow that we are done mixing and thedensity is good should be looking likethis um a bit gooey and yeah and then wewant to take our whisker put it to theside and now we want a butter knife okayand we take our butter you want to getabout this much of the butter and put iton the stickall wrongyeah so um when you do that when you’redone with that[Music]also a dog oh now you know it’s time foryou okay so now take the butter somebutterthe pancake okay okay the butter melt onthis side okayso now it’s the final phase to addnecessary and I personally recommendthis type of syrupthe Canadian type you can get it atCostcoyeah so that’s how you make a pancake Iusually add blueberries to my pancakebut that’s optional if you want to addblueberries or not so bye thank you

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