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Video Transcription

guys we’re making pancakes how long dowe look scary I’ll think it’s foodcoloring yeah it is it is right yeahbecause we used to where is it[Music]that’s gonna be a nice colorI think a little bit more yes goodthat’s good oh it’s so nice it’s not alot of my friends make some baby onesorry really bring oh wait we can’t sawher this is the price know that ready[Music]making special onesI’ll meet you Ramseyyou ready did that shock you with thepearl there’s multiple see this that’skind of I could get the amount eyesoh you’re this man oh you all lookthat’s amazing you hear that’s neverlate no you don’t have to leave I doneit’s gonna eventually we’re not gonnaput nothing in this one Tom Skerrittthey’re a joke yeah ELISA sprinkleFranzi how about you just watch me okayshe’s gonna watch me dance oh wow whydoes that look like was it caught thelittle thing you put on fish from yourtop with the maybe done oh no mmmit’s like a leaf sit down yeahI want to eat it already oh yeah we haveenough time at least do the video liketwo six all of my videos are gonnapossibly end this this routine unless ifI do a all-nighters logs always gonnaput her baby in this just cooking herbabies cooking call me Randy who talkedabout it the hutong by Brianna when shetalked about the paintings I thoughtabout the color[Music]blogging I’m not black whatever I’mvlogging really likes to do it like thisdon’t there Bernie I told you do itagain breathe fresh pancake is ready[Music]you want to wait for the full packageyou’re gonna be careful okay girls in itit’s mermaid my cakes oh yeah I got theSarah Oh aids them again with just a momwho came up with like you said I meanMickey Mouse[Music][Music]oh it’s okay I’ll put you some pastaokay I love your penis please like nothen tell me

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