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Video Transcription

hi guys welcome back to my channel soI’m a lefty new here and today you guyshave to guess what I’m doing I’m wearingan apronand I had sprinkles some water and somechocolate chips and pancakesturi balls and the mixing sweet yes youguys guessed it it’s pancakes so let’sget started because I’m already thinkingso we are going to use up some of thesoup firstokay guys so the reason why I’ve got twoballs out and I put one in each it’sjust because I’m going to make like twostacks of two little ones so I can putdifferent kind of things on them so nowI’ve had I have got some water thatwe’re going to put in and I’ll startwith one first and it’s with a littlebit at a timethen mix I can already tell we need abit more water as you guys can see it ismorning that’s why I’m gonna make somebreakfast this is looking good so farit smells very good so right excited toeat itwell when it’s cooked okay now I’m justgonna go with the next one then so it’sjust okay let some water up so you guyscan see so as you can see I just putsome water in it already is working meout a little but I’m pretty sure I needa bit remember the reason why I’m usingtwo bowls you asked it’s because I’mmaking two different flavors and they goto be stacked together that’s[Applause]very harder than using kitchen tables atonce okay so next I am going tostructures I don’t have I have one inthe fridge which is couple but I have toleave it in the fridge I’m just gonnaput some chips in you in one and I’mgoing to eat holding up my handsthis one has is going to be a chocolatechip one and when this one’s gonna be aplain one with sprinkles and chocolatetopping okay so yeah I’m gonna startwith the butter so I’m just gonna get inah coming up very easy you guys aremaking this at home it’s gonna be veryeasy so don’t worry okayso Wow that yummy pancake is cooking I’mgoing to just talk to you guys so youguys don’t get bored so how have youguys been and like and subscribe makesure you do that oh then you can checkout on the smoothie videos and pancakevideos and everything elseand I hope you like this video it’s notdone yetyes wait for the other pancake so thatpancakes cooking it’s crackling a lotand it’s actually sounds pretty good andI can actually smell it and it smellsreally good I’m so excited to try itwith you guys okay so let me just tellyou a fact about making pancakes whenyou know what it’s ready or not ready sowhen there’s bubbles starting in themiddle I don’t want to touch it in themiddle then that means it’s nearly readyand yeah that’s that’s all so now I’mjust gonna get my dad to flip it wowthat was awesomelook at that guy’s oh that looks so goodnow just look at that now yeah I needtwo fights not one yeah so I’m need toknow one yeah yeah I’m gonna have thissmall fight thenthe butter okay alreadypancakes are nearly ready and then Ijust have to cook this one okay that wasnow what’s the first one done now let’sget the second one doneoh wow look at the chopped is gonnado so good okay so if you guys aremaking a pancake and you’re up tocookies make sure you have a parent withyou so you so they know that you’re safelike my dad’s behind the camera so I’dsay definitely okay so I think that’slook at that everyone okaythe second one’s done okay so now I’mgoing to go to the topping area but mychocolate topping on it so I’ve got thischocolate now we have that open it nowwe’re just gonna do it very quickly andthe S is for subscribe to this channelnow so what I do is I normally with thechocolate topping I normally just rub itaround my pancake so I get more morechocolate cuz I love chocolate come downbelow if you love chocolate or whitechocolate I love white chocolate yeah sonow I should look like this and now yeahso this one’s the one that I just showedyou guys over there in my kitchen andnow I’m just going to get my otherpancake they had to split it on therethen now we’re just going to go to theto the recipe area color I forgot andthen we’re going to put some sprinklesokay so now I’m going to put some morechocolate topping on because I like Isaid before I love chocolate okay I likeand you just except for peanut chocolateI’m not going to put any honey on minebecause I don’t really like honeyso the like I did before you’resmoothing it out like that Nana on thisone I’m gonna put some sprinkles calmdown but he loves me I love some thingson my pancakes it’s gonna sprinkle someof that on it’s definitely enough thesame thing okayno not now that’s what we’re gonna donow we’re gonna try it okay so I’m goingto try and get by flames so yeah I’vegot it now try it[Music]good I just want to eat up all day longokay so that is it on the wrong video soI hope you guys like this and commentdown below if you guys made it with mehit that subscribe button thank you forwatching bye

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