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I tried to make pancakes *gone wrong*

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Video Transcription

is this thing even working so guys myname is Devon Lane we’re watchingdeviling vlogs and today I have no clueon what I’m gonna do so I’m hungry rightnow so I’m gonna go get me some food[Music]maybe some food just to like kind ofmake this a little bit more intricate ohwow that’s way better okaya 30-minute my throat was like reallybad I just like it’s nine o’clock and Ijust like you know I start in theseearly guys you have no idea I wake upand I’m vlogging I’m wake up I’mvlogging okay that’s how it is for thepast three days today’s number three myfirst video was kind of flu kind of afluke I didn’t do it right it was stupidbut I guess I want to make this to makethis make something to make this alittle bit more interesting so yeahmaybe some kodiak cakes not sponsoredsays the only thing I have to do is addone cup of water to one cup so that’sthat’s easy it’s like barely what I cando so and so first thing you gotta do isI gotta open it why do they make thesethings hot oh there we go hose it offI’m saying why do they always make theseimpossible to openwell that’s the wildlings have one bigbag aside Howard all these little teenybaby bags I guess that kind of makessense I’ll keep the others fresh thenyou have like one open that way theseones are kind of brownies so that wayyou know whatever are you gonna go therebecause I’m a dumbass that while I’mdoing plenty of interesting it had y’allcan just make sure my dad’s not home sohe doesn’t have the year Magee on thesecond I got this thing openI made a mess legit just exploded abunch everywhere exploded I always makemy sis stupid watch my last vlog thecake makes Sam we’ll talk water todaywe’re done I actually had to do stuffthat’s stupid it should just be do itfor me like microwavesmicrowaves are dope and they do stufffor you for that I stirred it now Igotta get my feet on where I tripod outof here it’s actually not heavy at allHolly this is buttall right I gotta get this weird thingcuz I gotta cook it apparently which isgood but yeah I gotta do it so yeahalright so now I got I put like 1/4 cupof this in the thingythere’s 1/4 cut means just do it yeahwait it might be a good idea to turnthis onmay use this on I don’t know how to workthis yeah there’s a white 400 come outcome out wherever you are you call itvery yummy it’s coming out a littlechunky again that’s good or not I don’tcookmm that’s pretty good hurt just diet Idon’t know how to cook so I’m just kindof guessing is it dog it’s been on forlike three seconds I should be enoughthat you’ve been wandering them and whyare you doing this just one at a timeyou could get to it’d be so much fasterI’m gonna cook like a jersey on theother side so that it’s not justpancakes I need to know if I have syrupor not so yeah it’s gonna be reallylonely sad pancake but they taste prettygood so you know what now that I’mthinking about it I think this actuallymight be done I’m gonna turn this downjust a little bit cuz it might be toohot I don’t know who broke it it’s likea bubble dinging right there hey I got amini pancake baby all rightit’s almost done see I can slide itunder but I can’t lift it up because themetal is uh my last video I saidI’m gonna try to keep these videos asclean as possible not doing a very goodjob at cuz I get stressed out when Icook stuff it sucks I don’t know I don’tknow how to do anything I’m just gonnasend it three two[Music]that was probably the most disgustingtasteless odourless nothing breakfastI’ve ever had in my entire lifenow rice tastes what doesn’t haveanything with it that’s totallythis is how windy it is look at allthose leaves it’s like an evil floodjust going over the whole city holy crapit’s windy up oh my gosh can you guyssee this where are these things comingfrom so anyways I gotta go take aso I’ll see you guys in about an hour2000 years later you know I did decideto go outside and like do some but it’sjust too cold I got wind blowing on meit’s just miserable it won’t be very funfor me and I’ll just I’m going backinsideliterally nothing I can do so see thatalright so it’s been like three hours orso since the last time I recorded so thewind has died down a little bit I got abigger jacket on so oh my god[Music][Music][Music][Music][Music]all right guys thank you for watching Ireally hope you enjoyed this vlog it wasa little boring but today was kind of aboring day but I promised I walked lookbetter content later just to say nowthere will not be a daily vlog tomorrowbecause it’s Thanksgiving and I knowit’s time for me to spend with my familyand I just they’ll be kind of weird forme to be holding a camera the whole timeand I’m not gonna do that so I will seeyou all in the next videoyou

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