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How to make Chickpea flour pancakes | Besan Cheela | Vegetarian Tomato Omlette

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Video Transcription

hi everyone so our today’s recipe ischickpea flour pancake these are savorypancakes that are one of my favorite teatime snack so let’s get started withingredients here’s the list ofingredients we will need for this recipetwo cups of chickpea flour 1/2 a cup ofsemolina or suji red chilli powder saltgreen Thai chilies finely chopped onion1 medium sized finely chopped 1/2 atomato finely chopped coriander leavesoil and water so first we are going toadd the semolina to the chickpea flourseason it with salt and pepper I woulduse about half a TSP of red chillipowder about 1 teaspoon of salt salt asper your taste I’m going to mix all thedry ingredients together once all thedry ingredients are mixed nicely I’mgonna add all the veggies into ourbatter after adding the veggies we aregonna give it a good mix and after thewedgies are all mixed into the batter weare going to add waterbit by bit not together all at once sowe’re gonna need a flowing consistencyfor this pattern so keep adding waterand mixing it nicely my batter is stillvery thick so I’m going to add a littlemore water hereand mix it well this is the desiredconsistency I am looking at a flowingconsistency not running consistency atthis point I’m gonna let the batter restfor about 15 minutes so cover and let’sread her let it rest for about 15minutesso our batter has been resting for about15 minutes so I’m not now gonna open itgive it a good mix before I put it onthe pan so i mighta wise nice and hotnow I’m gonna brush some oil on ityou can lower the flame at this pointand we can put poor to lateral folds ofour batter hereand spread ityou can keep the thickness as per yourwish I like it nice and thin so I’mgonna spread it nicely all over the panand let it cook about for a minute or soyou can add a little bit oil on thesides so that it can be flipped easilyafter about a minute you will see thecolor of the pancake has startedchanging so we’re gonna try and flipthrough the sides just to make sureyou’re loosening all the sides in hereand then your pancake is ready to beflipped so you see it has got a nicegolden brown color make sure you pressall the edges after flipping and let itcook for about another minute but aftera minute I flipped it again and I seethere’s no more golden brown color onthis side so I’m gonna add a little bitoil brush it on so brush the oil on thisside and flip it again now you canincrease the flame so that it gets agood golden brown color on the otherside and cook it for about 30 seconds orso so I flipped it again and now you cansee a good golden brown color on bothsides it’s time to remove it from theflame now so here my chick pea pancakesare all ready to be enjoyed you canenjoy it with any chutney or ketchup ofyour choice let us know in the commentsbelow how you like the recipe thank you

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