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Making pancakes was so much fun and they were really tasty!

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Video Transcription

hi everyone welcome or welcome back to
my channel and in today’s video I’m
going to be attempting to make pancakes
for the very first time I have never
made pancakes by myself so this could
get pretty messy and interesting be sure
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and go subscribe and without further ado
let’s get right into the video alright
guys so here are all the ingredients we
will need to make the pancakes I have
the pancake mix I have some milk and
then we have an egg we have a pup then a
spatula a whisk and good salable
so I’m just going to show you guys how I
like to make them with my mom usually
I’m going to try and make them myself
you know I can make the mix and stuff
the only part I can’t like I’ve never
done by myself or ever done before is
the like I don’t know picking apart
anyway let’s start moving this part so I
like to go with the liquid first just
because I think it’s easier and then the
powder alright so you need one we need
1/2 a cup of milk so just a 1/2 cup and
we’re going to for- this now this is not
actually milk this is half and half but
we ran out of milk and so you’re gonna
mix this with water so it’s not like
really thick and there’s some before
that and
okay to the egg so I absolutely hate
cracking eggs I just feel like like I I
don’t like it
my hands are not washed and we are going
to move on to the last step which is one
cup of the snakes so I’m just making the
classic the geeks that’s my dog I’m just
making the plastic pancakes so I want to
meet up in case you don’t have chocolate
chips I’m just gonna be making regular
pancakes okay we need one cup of
that’s another time too risky
you just play everything and you
everything I’m making hurts mousse we
can’t have to do things pretty much
anything we don’t want both attention
I’m done mixing and spread time for the
dreaded part and actually scared cuz
I’ve never done this and it’s probably
not gonna go love it
guess we’ll see what happens all right
now so I just put some butter in the pan
and I’m getting ready to pour tell me
visit and those guys but here we go
this is what it looks like so far
alright guys so this is the next pancake
oh my gosh I’m trying so hard is really
this game
guys so I used to painting cakes very
interesting they’re pretty good I think
my best one that I made it’s probably
this one very good
but for my first time it’s pretty good
but let’s put them to the ultimate test
and go try them I serve it to my two
best pancakes try these and have some
butter and syrup on them just time to
try them I think this is a test
all right thank you guys so much for
watching be sure to put a like down
below and a comment if you’re feeling
good be sure to go subscribe to my
channel and hit the bell to get notified
every time I post a video and go enjoy
some pancakes because they are delish
I’ll see you guys next time bye

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