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How to make potato pancake | potato snack | Ifeoma Blessing

Potato pancake is super tasty and simple to make. Kids love it, adult love it and I am pretty sure you will love it too!

1 potato

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Video Transcription

hi guys welcome back to my channel inthis video I’ll be showing you how Imake my potato pancakeyeah potato pancake it is very deliciousvery yummy like oh god I love this not alot so let’s get straight to businessI used um sweet potato peel the sweetpotato and gritsif you don’t wanna grate it you can usea blender it’s gonna do to work fasterso you can use a blender Greta and ifyou change[Music][Music][Music][Music]I used the fresh pepper the abinellpepper salt egg and flour and you give agood mix yeah mixing you mix mix it wellmix mix mix and mix have you liked thisvideo of you and if you’re just watchingthis channel and you’ve not subscribedwhat are you waiting for click on thesubscribe button on top on the boat soyou get to know when I drop a new videoand it’s time to take the pancake to theapartment inside you know what I meanso you grease the pan the pan the frypan with it I bought a whole oil and youscoop the potato pancake and then useyour spoon to spread it out yeah youspread it out and make sure you alwaysfind on a medium it’s you fry on amedium it’s you flip the other part ofit and fry like you fry you can’t see itcan you see the way the pancake looksalready Wow like I love this knocks ohlook make sure you try this at home andlet me know how it turns out like getback to me when you tried can you seeour pancake is ready it is ready whoawhy[Music]

11 Replies to “How to make potato pancake | potato snack | Ifeoma Blessing

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  4. My god. Those cookies glisten so beautifully! :O Another perfect recipe Lyds! Can’t wait to try these someday

  5. Happy Thursday, Lydia. Hope that all is well with you and Eugene. Your cookies came out looking absolutely amazing! Definitely going to have to give these a try. Very well done my lovely friend. Have a great rest of your week and weekend Lydia. All of the best to you always.

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