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Couple Tries To Bake Pie Without A Recipe | Jacob and Diamond

This week we tried to bake a pie with no recipe! Do you think it’ll be edible or nah?

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Video Transcription

a couple months ago we tried to make
your video will be baked cookies with
absolutely no recipe so today we tried
to do that again but do it together and
with a pie hey everyone and welcome back
to our channel Jacob and I’m Simon and
if you’re new here we are all about
experiencing life and every Friday we
try new experiences and on Wednesdays we
also upload bonus videos some types so
today’s video what we’re gonna do we
made cookies with no recipe separately
like a couple months ago until now we’re
going to try to bake a pie with no
recipe we are gonna do it together just
so if it turns out bad we don’t waste a
ton of stuff but we’re gonna see if we
can figure out like working together and
see if we can figure out how to make a
pie and I’ve never made a pie even with
the recipe you know when we try to make
a pumpkin pie but it it turn out variant
that was like three years ago or maybe
even one so I have a handy-dandy a
printer so fancy let’s get started we
have so far as basics I think is in a
pie crust we’re making the pie crust
first flour sugar an egg I think and
then butter possibly oil I’m gonna melt
the butter I didn’t even know that you
were supposed to melt the butter so what
you do a couple cup of sugar
I bet to taste better you’re supposed to
use more sugar
it needs sugar last time you put light I
don’t need to cover the house forth
because last time I put like a cup in
just those twelve cookies or whatever
okay I’m just gonna do like a little bit
more than who comes it looks like this I
think you have to stir it says like melt
wait but my cusses Brown why brown sugar
well I already put the whole thing in
but how do we make a brown is being
white business what’s your brownish can
we do see the vanilla I think it isn’t
super brown but I don’t want to waste I
think it is what see you Brad check if I
don’t want to like waste I mean I don’t
know if that’s really gonna make a
go ahead let’s put a little bit back got
brown sugar how much do you think you
need it’s kind of chunky yeah yeah okay
here we go
let me drop so this is just PO good okay
so now the butter is melted I’m gonna go
ahead and put the butter in okay do need
to hang in there too pretty to egg right
okay might as well I think it needs a
peon Chris I don’t know if it needs
baking soda though because like crust
doesn’t really rise
do we need more like flour
doesn’t it look wetland yeah it is yeah
that looks really what I think you need
some more flour no it sounded you silly
thicker oh you can do that thing I can
browse games I think it feels like a
crust do it now you got to need it I
don’t think he needed like that I’ll
take that mean
mm-hm yeah today I always spank my girls
who’s your daddy it’s really yeah I just
don’t know how we’re gonna pick it up
especially especially I think that’s
no what does I’m seems like falling
apart like a pizza oh maybe it needs
like even more flour and just like need
it more you thank her not your chore
time I don’t think we’re supposed to put
an egg in there it’s a diamonds need me
I think it’s getting better
it looks better yeah like you can pick
it up now like pick up though I die like
those chefs do oh ho Justina Tosi if we
use the spatula all the way we can kind
of slide it off yeah
Oh like it broke free okay
I don’t care I’m still don’t think I can
pick it up magic
pick it up together I guess Oh can’t we
just patch it was I saying yeah yeah no
that’s too much over there but you gotta
get the holes yeah but I’m trying to
squish it out first look okay it’s in
there I’m gonna go through and make it
look like a chicken potpie so I’m
playing the finishing see that looks
pretty good so we have some extra dough
over here we have all of our crust I
mean it kind of looks like a pie it’s
not very like even we’re just waiting my
mom’s coming home she’s bringing home
some pumpkin puree I think we do put
pumpkin puree in then you put all doing
big it all so I’m on bro home cherry and
pumpkin I think we’re gonna go with
cherry because then we can make a top
layer since we have some extra and make
some fancy design on there this what do
you think – like 325 okay I see 350 oh
but remember how are we gonna get it on
top because we could it but this will be
a smaller that’s like as big as I think
it’s getting good I just don’t know how
oh I just hired patch idiot well diamond
made a little flower flower design I
mean aren’t we supposed to like put
butter on top right now like like like
it might make you like it I’m hit brush
using base eyes and rust yeah gonna be
like one layer of like I don’t know a
little bit of melted butter like barely
any I think I’ll fix it
whoo okay there it is careful 35:35
okay there is 24 seconds left it looks
like this in there kind of cooked we’re
gonna see with a toothpick I mean it
came out clean – Dan’s good yeah it’s
over behind you
cutting pretty nice okay
you know I don’t think that’s a butter
spray on the edges okay okay right what
is gonna happen to anybody’s pie in
sometimes you know you just have to use
your spatula to scoop out your extra
stuff okay this is a pipe really yeah it
is very sweet you can taste the two cups
of sugar that’s a nice that’s I’m high
for sure
wow that’s sweet yeah thank you cheery
reason this is so fun is because had you
made it thicker then it would have
probably baked even you know your crust
was super thin on it and it was fine to
do this that but what do you say on does
it is it a pie yeah it’s applied
definitely its apply oh I wish go 1 to
10 a 1 to 10 I didn’t mean the best play
I’ve ever had a 3
I’d say a 3 as well I would say 3 is
what it is a pie I would like to try the
crust just to be great
i cost pre-booked really I like it
oh it’s like I’m sure we finished making
our pie so now we are going to answer
some questions about the experience I
liked it and then it was fun I liked it
I am more fun doing the cookies because
I feel I got a little bit more knowledge
this time from the cookies and I like
doing it together they like to like work
together where you up and make it better
yeah ok I smell like have to kind of
bounce ideas actually because I forgot
things within diamond forgot things like
together we able to kind of work better
to do a better job in the original time
we try to bake something with no recipe
I learned the correct way to make a
crust cuz Kathy his mom told us
everything we did wrong which I mean is
huge as not yeah
12 I feel like we did pretty good yeah I
have to buy if I agree I learned how
like I learned the basics of like crust
which I had know
do ya just three grades I don’t think
you need to try without a recipe yeah I
think it’s doing completely rest unless
you know how to do it without a recipe
didn’t yeah go for it but I don’t think
now I baked a pie again yeah I actually
feel like we are competent enough to
make a pie yeah I don’t know what
happened but we couldn’t even do it with
the recipe but now I feel like if we can
make it somewhat like a pie with out one
we’d actually be a good one so yeah I
think I was like the holidays or
something but not like a daily thing
that is all for this week’s video
to make sure you guys like comment
subscribe let us know how you think we
did with the whole PI thing but we will
see you guys next Friday

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