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How to make vegan pumpkin cheesecake pancakes

The most incredible fall vegan breakfast idea is here! Epic vegan pumpkin cheesecake pancakes will blow you mind!


Vegan/dairy free/egg free/gluten free option

Make sure you check full post for all the tips and tricks to make this perfect every time.

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*Products That You Need For This Recipe:
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* vegan all-purpose flour – (Gluten Free version
* Baking Powder –
* Salt –
* Vanilla Extract –
-brown sugar:
-Pumpkin puree:
-Vegan cheesecake:

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Video Transcription

so we are about to blow your pumpkin
spice loving mind today with one amazing
epic vegan breakfast. so I’m gonna need
you to go ahead and toss out that
regular schmegular pumpkin spice pancake
recipe that you were about to make cuz
we’re about to show you how to make
these epic vegan pumpkin cheesecake
pancakes. you heard me right we’re going
to be putting cheesecake inside of
pumpkin spice pancakes. now if you want
to make regular pumpkin spice pancakes
then we’ll tell you how to do that too.
but you’re gonna want to go ahead and
grab some vegan cheesecake and throw
those in if you want to make this epic
recipe. now I don’t want to hold you up
any longer so if you’re ready for these
warm, soft, fluffy pumpkin pancakes then
let’s get right to it.
first we’re gonna start off with a large bowl adding in
all of our dry ingredients. add in your
flour, you can use gluten-free or
all-purpose flour. next add in your brown
sugar. I like to break it up with my
hands to make sure there’s no lumps. then
in with the baking powder. now in with
all those spices that are really gonna
add the flavor cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg,
cloves, and allspice. then your salt and
whisk it all together. it’s important you
do this step to make sure the flavors
are evenly distributed. now add in your
homemade vegan buttermilk. this is what’s
gonna help make those pancakes really
thick, than if you just added dairy free
milk. give this a light stir some dry
spots are okay. now add in the pumpkin
and the vanilla extract and give that a
light stir as well. you want to be
careful not to overwork your batter. once
that looks good move on to chopping up
your frozen vegan cheesecake. what I try
to do is chop up the cheesecake into
cubes that are big enough that I get a
good mouthful when I take a bite but
also small enough that it’s covered
completely and still fits between the
so to be completely transparent here I
tried adding the Cheesecake into the
batter than folding it and cooking the
unfortunately this was unsuccessful because the Cheesecake
would just melt in the pan leaving holes
in the pancake and then it was super
hard to flip
so let’s undo that.
after chopping up your Cheesecake set it aside.
then add some vegan butter to a medium
low heat skillet. now add your batter
into the center of the skillet, then
carefully place pieces of your
cheesecake into your pancake batter
pushing it down with your fingers or
spoon. I like using a spoon this way I can
add a little bit more batter and cover
them up. after a few minutes flip, then
just finish cooking. thanks for watching
make sure you like ,share, and follow.
see you next week
(music to end)

One Reply to “How to make vegan pumpkin cheesecake pancakes

  1. Beautifully edited, but what I am actually blown away by was how you handled the initial cheesecake adding error and corrected it, in real time. Super helpful! This is the pumpkin pancake recipe to end all others because of the care you took to tweak it; I noticed you used separate ground spices instead of the pumpkin spice mix that other recipes use, for example. More evidence of the high quality of your thought process when devising and filming these recipes. TFP : )

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