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What’s Cooking? : Banana & Cinnamon Pancakes


A video demonstration live on how to cook some delicious pancakes with bananas on top.

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

greetings everyone welcome back to hiskitchen and recording to you live nowand you’re in the kitchen now so what’scooking today basically this is anepisode or basically my foot recordingfor cooking now so what is it thatyou’re gonna cook up todaywell this bowl here and I’ll explain toyou what I’m going to do now just let melist it in green so I’m gonna cook foryou today self raising flour sugar abanana and some milk and what I’m gonnagrab in the fray so later on some icecream you go delicious yes indeed it’sgoing to be a delicious meal so I sayare you going to make up and we’re gonnamake some pancakes so I’m gonna makesome pancakes so what I’m gonna do withthis cup self-raising flour so we’regonna add a cup of self-raising flourthis punch all the self-rising flourhaving this container but I’ve got tomove more got some bags so I can fill itup at any timeso we’re gonna dump the contents here sowhat we’re going to do is grab atablespoon and we’re going to add one- one big cup of or you can say 2 cupsof flour 3 tablespoons of sugar andwe’re gonna add some milk which is about1 cup so 1/2 so every cup of flour youhave you add about 1/2 a cup of milkthis time because I’ll add a 2 cups offlour I’m gonna add 1 cup of milk at atime though so mixed ingredients so justadd in a bit of it just to sort ofloosen up the lumps sorry yep andbeautiful and add the rested and we’regonna mix it kind of well basically lookat this battery this wet battery that’sslightly thick so yeah it’s it’s just alittle bit too thick so just add a bitmore milk to it and we’re going to whiskit well not whisk it but yeah if I had awhisk I’ll whisk it sorry I’m just gonnahave to use basically my spoon here tosort of break the lumps so yeah so yeahso see this batter in wave I’ve got soyeah this is the batter I’ve got rightnow so which is a little bit thickerit’s still a little bit lumpy so I’mjust gonna break the ends of the of thelumps in order to to get ready to sortof a front to fry out in the pan so yeahI’ll try to make this fairly quick so soyeah so I won’t keep you waiting for toolong because you’re dying for a mealaren’t you you’re dying to eat out onthe meal don’t don’t you so yeahindeed okay the last thing I want to addbefore okay looks like um it’s done okaycool before before I put it into the panI’m gonna add what they call some groundcinnamon so similar great we’ll just addlike a sprinkle or about a teaspoon andjust mix mmm it has a nutty flighttexture torso yet yes just mix that upwith the cinnamon so you get this reallyeffect so yeah right fabulous alrightcoolnow we’re gonna heat it up into the panand we’re gonna fry up but before we dothat ourselves have a banana we don’tneed to pull them enough because it willbe enough well actually it will cutpancakes you make this serving our mateis enough to make four pancakes so sothe whole banana will cover all fourpancakes so I’m gonna cook enough fortwo so we only cook enough for two andI’ll tell you why we just want to do itfor two cuz I just wanted to go forpresentation purposes so yeah cut hurryup supply sit as Finn or as Pikachu likeI prefer to sort of have it in betweenthick and thin so yep okay now we’regonna eatthe pan get this pan to sort of ball upa bitbut we don’t want to make it too hotbecause we don’t want the pancakes toburn so so we’re gonna add a splash ofextra-virgin olive oil or you can usebutter if you like that we don’t mindwith jelly your lifeevil will work fine so you want to raiseenough to start for the oil to startburning a little bit now so yeah so yeahso one going to do what olive would liketo do it’s about one of these lap soupladles is large ones it still gives inthe spoon so you can use the spoon to tomake the thing but I prefer to use aladle because steel will allow me tocreate an even surface and it willcreate a consistent consistent amount ofbatter that I need so I’m only gonnamake enough for two soak well themistake I do when I first cook thepancakes was is that I cook it when thepan is cold you shouldn’t really do thatyou should allow your pan to heat up alittle bit before you place the contentsso yeah oh yeahit’s not paid up now so yep okay okaythat’s about ready so yeah okay that’sabout read this now and we’re going tolabel that on label that one and that’swhat I’d win the bananas and I’m justgonna scoop a bunch of them just likethis and place them like that like soawesome so just keep okay it’s a littlebit high so I’m gonna keep it at mediumat medium heat so yes keep the thing atmedium heat and cook it for about aminute or two before you flip it over soyeah so I’ll move that out of the way soyeahand it good thing is I’m cooking thislive rather than having to sort of skipand edit the video path I could justsort of just record it all at once foryou so yes so you’re getting the actuallive footage of my record calling of thepancake maker so now that it starts tobubble up a little bit it’s still notready to turn yet let me just check thebottom first no it’s not quite ready toturn yet it’s got to sort of burn alittle bit before I do that so yeah sohow do you know that that the pancake isready to desert when you see air bubblesstart to pop from one side that’s whenit it’s ready to turn so now we’restarting to see see this little airbubbles start to pop up on top of thepancake like a crumpet once you startseeing more of that happening that’swhen you start to flip so yeah I wantthe able to do it with one hand thoughso now I’m ready to flip it so I’m justgoing to grab it off one end and hold itin and put it down now now do you seethat it’s golden brownthat’s what that’s a that’s a kanaconsistency that you would want on thepancake to have this tank had to begolden brown awesomenow how cool is that made a wonderfulpancake yeah and guess what I’m going tomake another as well – awesomeso yeah so yeah this is gonna have to becooked for about one another minute soyeah I know this doesn’t sound like themost professional setup but howeveryou’re definitely getting the liverecording so you know that there’s no BSinvolved basically so yeah so yeah andjust scoop her up and just put a littlejiggle a bit and whether that sort ofsizzle for about a couple secondsin a couple seconds Oh awesomenow how cool is that yeah now take alook I’ll take a look at this now take alook at this Oh what I’ll do is that Ican cook another one for later and whatI’m going to do is that I’m gonna addsome Jesus steaming piping hot isn’t itmmm now what I’ve got here is yes I doapologize my room using the mess okay Iknow my room is in the mess because Isort of messed it up early last nightand all I’m going to do is I will cleanit up after this so what I’ve got rightnow is Canadian maple syrup and we’regonna pour this onto the pancake like solike so now we just got a line on thatand I brought myself some ice cream yesdon’t like this aren’t you oh yeah hellyeah so we’re gonna scoop it up like sohere we go and we’ll just add a bit ofthis into that now check her out man howwonderful you should be proud ofyourself by the way yeah indeed justgive me I’ll be right back in the olddoor taste test okay I just got myself afourth here and the moment of truth seehow that how this baby goes here goesnothin man mmm now have a look at thisoh yeahI know it’s a little bit dark can weplant them what they’ll shed some lightzero tech keep on some light I’ll findsome light for you so yeah yeah is thatenough light okay try get angle rightyeah hmm how wonderful isn’t she abeauty oh I love this you know as we arewatching this what we know that you haveenough for a second serve don’t you youfeels tempted to have a second servedon’t you it’s temptingit’s very tempting to have another buyaddict[Music]this was brilliant this is a brilliantserve don’t get me wrong but yeah eventhough I haven’t finished it yet you sayhow well this is cooked quite nicelywith bananas on it and cinnamon it justadds flavour to the taste so yeahawesomeso are you going to do another servewell I don’t really need another serveright now so because I’ve already hadand something to eat before that and Ijust want to show you that I want toexpand my channel to to include somecooking’s so so great so what else canyou cookbesides tofu what else can you cookbesides fried chicken and this is greatthat you’ve added some pancakes we liketo see more of what you can cook zerotech indeed well hopefully you have agood one all right I just got in therecording and hopefully you have a goodtime thank you

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