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How To Make St. Patty’s Day Reuben-Style Skillet Potato Pancake with Corned Beef and Stewed Cabba…

Rach tops her skillet potato pancake with corned beef, stewed cabbage, gooey melted cheese + Russian dressing for a Reuben-inspired St. Patty’s Day brunch.

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Video Transcription

Rosti potato, like a giant potato pancakewith leftover corned beef.For a 10 inch skillet, we used five large russet potatoes.You peel them, you salt them, and you let them drain.Then you pour off the liquid,but save the starch at the bottom of the bowl.See there, it’s like a skin on the bottom of the bowl.That helps get the potatoes extra crispy.So after you drain and press them,you flip ’em back around.They’ve already been salted, so let’s pepper away, right?And then we’re going to add some grated onion,small grated onion, two eggs, and a nice fat sprinkleof flour to keep everybody together.Basically, you’re making a giant latke,but you’re serving it not at Hanukkah,we’re serving it at St. Paddy’s Day.But that’s basically the same way I make my latkes.Spatula, here we go, mix this all together.In the pan, I started with some olive oil,it’ll bring the butterto a slightly higher cooking temperature.So when it comes to the cabbage topping,a lot of people are making cabbage,I’ve just chopped it up and spiked it,and I cooked the cabbage with cumin and caraway.You can also just add this to store bought sauerkraut, okay?So for a one pound bag,I put in about a half a palmful each of cumin and caraway.I made my cabbage also with a little allpice, juniper berry.All of that’s going in willy nilly,I just like the flavor of it,and a little freshly grated nutmeg,and of course, salt and pepper.So to my pan, with the butter and the oil,I’m going to literally fill the panand kind of pack it down with our onion mixture.Oh did I put the flour in?I was talking to you, I got lost in thought.(audience laughs)A good couple of sprinkles of the flour,just to make everybody get along and help it stick together.Now we’re ready to literally load it in to the pan.I know, butter, and onions, and potatoes, please.(audience applauds)
Cray cray!Okay, we’re gonna keep pressing and patting that down,and let it cook through.Rinse up real quick,and we’re going to make our Russian dressing.So I’m gonna use sour cream, and your usual suspects,ketchup.
(bottle squirts)That’s the bottle, not me.
(audience laughs)Relish, that’s your basic building blocks, right?My secret ingredient is Worcestershire sauce, yum.And I make a lot of this,’cause I put it in a giant squirt bottle,and you can use it on sandwiches all week long.Fat splash of it.And salt and pepper, of course, of course.Now we’re gonna get to the meat.So your leftover meats of choice,all we’re gonna do is broil this,or pop it in to a 400 or so degree ovenuntil the cheese gets brown and bubblyon top of our big ol’ Reuben here.But we want the meat to be nice and warmwithout it being dried out.So what I’m going to do is reheat our leftover corned beefwith a little bit of chicken or beef stock,so that it’s nice and moist,it doesn’t taste like a leftover.You take a plate that’s larger than the pan,flip it over, and slide it right back in.It’s just a black palette for a giant potato pancake.On this one, we’re gonna build a Reuben.So we’re gonna take our leftover cabbage,which we chopped up and spike with caraway and cumin.So spread your cabbage or sauerkraut all over the topof your potato pancake.And then we’re going to take some of our corned beef,pile that on top, and remember, we warmed this throughin a little bit of chicken or beef stock.I like a nice sharp white cheddar mixed with Swiss.So I doubled down on cheese town.Cover it with cheese, and brown that sucker up.Our homemade Russian dressing going down all over that.A little dill, a little parsley, and a little chive.Yes!
(audience applauds)(audience cheers)
(bells chime)

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