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Vegan Japanese Souffle Pancakes Recipe | Mary’s Test Kitchen

This vegan souffle pancake recipe is inspired by the popular Japanese Souffle Pancakes which are super fluffy and thick. This version is egg-free, dairy-free and even easier to make than the original. Although the texture is not exactly the same, these vegan fluffy pancakes are wonderfully light and delicious with a touch of vanilla. They’re also super cute – the perfect addition to your weekend brunch.


Vegan Japanese Souffle Pancakes

This recipe makes 2 very thick pancakes in about 20 minutes (5 minutes to prep, 15 minutes on the stove). Feel free to multiply this recipe to make more pancakes.

For equipment, you will need a large pan with a lid. Use 1″ tall x 3″ wide ring molds or make your own by folding up some aluminum foil into an 1″ wide strip, wrapping it around a cup to make it round and stapling the end down. These pancakes can also be made without a ring mold though they may spread out more and may not end up as tall. Grease them very well on the inside and top and bottom edges.

NOTE: For best results, measure ingredients by weight.
Also, since this recipe first came out, viewers have made it with all-purpose gluten-free flour and it appears to work wonderfully!

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Video Transcription

Hello friends and not yet friends,Welcome back to Mary’s Test Kitchen where
we’re making super fluffy Japanese SoufflePancakes vegan.We don’t let the fact that Japanese souffle
pancakes are typically full of whipped eggwhites which is responsible for their incredible
height.This version is egg-free, dairy-free and even
easier to make than the original. Made withingredients you probably already have in your
pantry.And although the texture is not exactly the
same, they’re still wonderfully light anddelicious with a touch of vanilla. They’re
also super cute.Ready?Start with weighing out your flour. It’s hard
to be really accurate with cups so I reallyreally really encourage you to get a kitchen
scale if you can. They’re typically very inexpensive.Mine was less than 20 bucks and it’s just
super useful.By the way, I’m using regular all-purpose
flour but an all-purpose gluten-free flourshould work too.Then baking powder,baking soda,and sugar. Any kind you like.And salt.Mix the dry ingredients all together very
well. Then it’s time to get wet.I’m using soy milk. Use any kind you like
but don’t forget to shake it first.Add apple cider vinegar which will react with
the baking soda and give the batter extralift.A couple teaspoons of oil prevents gumminess.
I don’t recommend oil alternatives like applesauce in this particular recipe. Souffle pancakes
aren’t an everyday thing so just go with it.Finally, a bit of vanilla extract will make
these pancakes smell heavenly. If you wantedto get wild and sub rum extract or hazelnut
flavour…you do you!Then mix the wet ingredients together.And then incorporate the dry too. Go gently
because you really don’t want to over mixthis. Over mixing can really gum up the texture
so just stir until there are no dry bits left.We’re almost there…Just check the bottom that there’s no lump
of flour there…And…we canStop.Stop, Mary, Stop!Okay, not too bad. This will work.Now let’s go over to the stove with some refined
coconut oil on a pan over medium heat. Youcan use whatever oil really, but I find coconut
oil works really well and refined becauseI don’t want my pancakes to taste like coconut
today.When the pan is nice and hot, also add your
greased ring molds.These are just made with folded up foil.And add half the batter to
each of the molds.Just spoon it in.You don’t have to use a mold, by the way,
they’ll just look nicer.If you don’t have molds, just pour it on into a pileTwo piles.I did order a couple of stainless steel molds
but they ended up being too tall so if youdecide to get some, just make sure they’re
only about an inch tall. And 3 inches wide,if you want the same shape as mine here.Ideally, the batter should come up about halfway.These are a wee bit over full…you’ll see what I mean later.Lower the temperature to medium-low, that
was a 3 on my dial, and cover the pancakesso they can cook slowly. About 10 minutes.I know, that’s a long time but it’s because
they’re so thick.And you can see they’ve puffed up a lot – this
is after about 5 muntes. They’re past theedge of the mold but this is okay. Much more
and it would not be good. But this is okay.After about 10 minutes, the tops should look
dry and there should be some bubbles too.Go ahead and flip them. You might need a little
finessing with a spatula, especially if yournon-stick is not non-stick anymore.Make sure there’s still some oil under there as wellBefore you cook that other side.Here I’m just, kind of,distributing the oil to make sure there’s enough there.Then you can cover and cook for another three
minutes or so.They should smell pretty awesome by now.You can check for doneness by gently pressing
the centers. They should spring back easily…thistakes some experience so even if you’re not
sure, just give it a touch so you get familiarwith the sensation.I’m just checking the bottoms..and these are
done.Take them off the heat and let them cool maybe
a minute or two before taking off the molds.This one slid off relatively easily. If yours
are sticking, just use the back of a knifeor use a thin spatula to go around the sides.And here we go. Plating with some sliced apricots.One is really enough but for the ‘gram, let’s
stack.What do you think? Beautiful or what?I was actually out of vegan butter so this
is a little scoop of cocowhip.Before adding the best syrup in the world:
Maple syrup.And right on time, my boyfried started watching
Star Wars. So no more background sound forthe rest of the video because I need that
adsense.Let’s take a look inside.Friends, I’m literally getting hungry as I
edit this.It was so good. The inside is nice and soft
and no signs of gumminess. Thank goodness.This fluffiness just soaks up that maple syrup
and tastes so good.It’s literally cake. You’re eating cake for
breakfast and it’s glorious.Make this, live like a flipping queen and
thank me later.Thank YOU for watching all the way to the
end. I hope you liked this video.If you did, please give it a thumbs up and
subscribe if you haven’t already for moreeasy vegan recipes.Bye for now!

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