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How to Make Rainbow Pancakes (Unicorn) :)

Alaa will show you in this video how to make rainbow pancakes (unicorn)
#LittleChef #Unicorn #UnicornPanckakes #Rainbow #RainbowPancakes

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

[Music]hello Fredtoday we’re gonna make packet but notnormal package make rainbow Pancake sothis is what me mewe need for half cup of flour and bigspoon of sugar and small to small spoonof pepper powder and 1 small spoon ofAmelia and this will salt and we need as2 eggs 2 big spoons of butter and 1 fullcupI’m not foolin let’s start the mothertaught me crack the egg was a lovelylittle crack it yes and now we just mixit and I’m go here just look this onejust makes it alreadynice and then break like I just nothappy you can clean but not too muchthis is correct we just have lunch leftup to three Tony cats right now we haveto have to mix now he adds two big spitofnow we add full cup of milk soy milkwell okay yum yum you ass I don’t needto know outside you can expect they doit half a full cup of flour me now somemore flour but so weird because have tobe my thinking you love pancakes add toit Oh it’ll be so sweetbut this is different even poison me -yay-hay ideanextyou know yeah my mom has to help me putthis ball into this hole oh-ho it’s sofull I must mix venomous could help memix this whole a drop I can’t doSuperSpeed but we don’t do it I’m notkidding suitor speed but she’s doing alittle bit speed I strive to be likepinky look Chris it’s still a messpancake would be sweet stuff and it’sokay that’s all we’ll still be sweetthat’s a sugar sugarthankswell as karateand the pancake has to be like that mymom is gonna help ease this this highcheek and then we are just just take ofthis and then we just put it into theseseven bowls mummys help me put theseit’s a beautiful never ever put thesefood coloring into these bowlsbut this there’s no purple so we couldjust make purple is just a group red andblue let’s start you just adds a littledancenow we are the second color which is afavor color record or headsyep our little business again is all theawesome a little bit unclarityour cakes look and see how they likeAniki that’s right I’ll tell you rightnow tell me to help you with this stickit to this most now we have yellow thekite was available now show what it isokayI think yes because like to let you knowI think of the Cossacks Irina’s cousinboy because unless I lived in Snipes hedoesn’t think and then it is not ahottie and the Nottie goes my pain ohyes threeno Blackie nice work sister Wow don’tyou do my favornow we make purple so we just have tomix my redno you make play-doh auntie Kate hellonow go read for it yeah three blueindigo violet now start to cook it butmy mom had to play there’s a burn you[Music]now my pancake is ready and I was goingto decorate it this is not onethisas a top clickI’ve been happyoh so cutenow we add our favorite toppingswhy are fierce pickles let me do the fixpickles this one C is special simpleopeningit’s worth me and that the other speakerwrong here here this this rainbowbecause and even when making a rainbowmaybe pancakes fritzmy dad is a kid around I’ll be prettychocolate okay here’s another onedeliciousokay wait wait wait how do you ever feellike you have a gun around the place I’mpretty okay over your pretty pain takesjust right here I don’t think it’syeah I love blueberriesyeah so this just myspace sitedon’t be silly baby don’t do this thiswill mean any other babies they lovetheir babies a lotthere’s blue card to her well I can doit that’s so good oops okay yeah nosmell you will see it back snuff gotsprinkles chocolate yeah put the onemore thing and that is help around theblueberries and I’ll talk I foundit started on the shirt yeah all thesyrupI sell so delicious it’sit’s still need siliceous and nowpancake is done I hope you liked thisvideo I only give her like this is crackbye

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