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How to make fluffy pancakes 101

Good morning or good day you guys welcome back. Today I am making fluffy pancakes.

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Video Transcription

are you guys today I am going to bemaking some fluffy pancakes I’m gonnashow you guys how to do that of courseyou’re gonna need your pancake mixwhatever I bring to you you choose touse I normally just get the Aunt Jemimapancake mix if you guys notice with thismix it’s really simple that’s the reasonwhy I get this way you don’t needanything you just add your water andthat is it so there’s no mix of eggsanything like that do you have you startup and of course you need some oil foryour panokay so right now I’m just letting thepan get hot the grease get hot you canchoose to fry this with your butter orbut right now I have the or you’ll heargetting hot so I’m going to go ahead andget my pancake mix pour it over to mybowl and I’m gonna come back I want youguys see that[Music]so you guys I have added the mix overinto the bowl it’s two cups of the onJemima pancake mix you want to go aheadand get one and a half cups of water sohere I got one cup of water here I’mgonna go ahead and begin mixing that andthen I’m gonna add over another half ofcup of the mixture okayand keep in mind guys when you are doingthis some people may like the thickpancake some people like there’s a dambut it just all depends on how you wantyour cake I’m sorry how you want yourpancakes to turn out if you want tothick a mixture just do less water ifyou want to uh thick a pancake you doless water if you want a more thinnerpancake you’re gonna of course add justa little bit more waterso here I’ve added one cup of waterwe’re gonna go in and go ahead and get ahalf a cup and get that poured over intoour batter okay okay so we have gottenour batter mixed up if you guys can seethat’s a nice consistency not too thickand not too thin so we’re gonna go aheadand get this over into your hot pan sowe can begin to cookin so right now theoil looks like it’s it’s hot and we cango ahead and start adding our batterinto our pan but you want to make surethat your your pan is really hot youroil so that when you put your batter init can begin to Frank okayif you could see the bubbles at the topof your pancake or beginning to fit upand form up once it looked like yourbubbles are at the top and you have acrispy edge you can go ahead and flipthat but for right now it’s not time toflip it because it’s still waterwatery that mix you’re still watery sogive it a minute and then we’ll go aheadand get that flipped over okay guys Ihave added the second pancake in and weare gonna let that we’ll fry up here’sthe first pancake it’s out of the fryingpan so we’re gonna make about threepancakes the same way that we’re gonnacome back and put our syrup and butterand yeah we’re gonna enjoy some pancakesso really simple really easy nothing toit just make sure that you’re keeping aneye on your pancakes you’re not walkingaway because they do get smoky quitequickly so yeah we’re gonna be flippingthis one over in just a second so guyswe are going to check on the pancakes Idid walk away for a minute okay this isthe third pancake so we’re gonna goahead and get this one flip over we dohave two here and we’re gonna keepstacking them okay we’re gonna go aheadand remove this pancake from the panit’s it’s good I just flipped it and addit to these stack of pancakes and we’regonna keep going okayso we have three pancakes so far andwe’re going to keep stacking them ice wehave finished up the up Jemima pancakemix and yeah it was very simple reallyfluffy and think I have about sixpancakes here and they look reallyscrumptious I have not yet put the syrupon there but yeah just here’s here’s ajust a quick way of how to make thepancakes and again those edges aren’tcrispy just how I like them so yeah youguys try it out good breakfast item foryou you can pair that along withstrawberries blueberries however youlike it but if you take a look at thoseedges like I say I like mine crispy andthey are crispy and again this took twocups of the pancake mix one and a halfcups of water and there you have it youguys don’t forget to leave any commentsand go ahead and subscribe if you havenot already we’re gonna keep thesevideos going new videos every week newitems every week so into the next videoI will see you guys later

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