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Hi guys,

Here is another basics video for you.

It is the best pancake recipe you will find. Perfectly fluffy and tasty!!

I haven’t tweaked the recipe in any way as it is too perfect for words so, will link it below if you would like the book or a printed version for yourself.

I make these every week for my family usually with fruit and maple syrup. On pancake day however, we go all out and add bacon, waffles, crepes and traditional
Pancakes and I serve it all on a platter.

I don’t claim to be an expert, I’m just posting recipes that have worked for me and at times when I do not add a link to the recipe, that means it is my own. You may see a recipe book in the background of some videos but it’s just open for decoration or it is there in preparation for my next bake. I am still learning and I wish to share that with you as my business grows. I post videos because so many people ask for the basics or some recipes are actually difficult to follow so I hope to condense that down, leave out the confusion and end up with a fantastic end result.

I hope you enjoy it. Id love to see pictures of your pancakes if you make them aswell. Please like and subscribe and don’t forget to hit the notification bell so that you don’t miss any future videos, coming at you every Saturday and Tuesday!

Find the recipe here;

‘How to make the best banana bread, here:

How to make the best Yorkshire’s

How to make croissants / pain au chocolat / Leanies_kitchen

My birthday cake:

If there are any videos or things that you would like to see please let me know in the comments

Enjoy, see you soon 💓

Jolene xoxo

Original of the video here

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