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Making Pancakes with Ms. Taryn & Ms. Polly

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Video Transcription

[Music]I heard that we’re gonna have a veryspecial treat today so what are we gonnamake today I miss party yeahtoday is Pancake Day or Shrove Tuesdayit’s a holiday celebrate all around theworld and it’s today we are thankful forwhat we have so we are going to bemaking pancakes as a special treat doyou how to make thank you yeah sure ofcourse let me show you all theingredients very good ok guys so I’vegot some flour here and some bakingpowder and some salt and sugar all rightKaren can you please help me mix all thedry ingredients together sure that’sfunny thank you all right so I’ve gotsome milk here as welland I’m gonna pour that into the mixturehey miss Taryn can you please honey keepmixing everything all together okayand I’ve got some eggs here and which weonly need one egg so this Terran whichone would you like to use with theloaded brown one here in the white onehere Mitzi’s the bomb on this okay surethis turns them keep mixing statisticvery good mixing and starin thank youmiss bunnyit’s looking good yeah okay so when it’sready we’re gonna get the butter readyand we’re gonna heat up the panso we’re gonna match themI just have to wait for a little bit oruntil you can see the bubbles right inthe middle and then you can flip andturn looks like it’s gonna be ready arewe gonna fit anything on our pancakeright hey you guys stop Peggy Karen he’sour pancakewoof those that Goodman’s probably needto get my serve oh that’s a good ideaI’m gonna get to okay[Music]our warm welcome to Fairchild Fairchildkindergarten in the words of one of ourchildren is one of those perfect placeswhere children enjoy coming to schoolevery day with a big smile we offerclasses for children from age 2 up to 86in a pre-nursery class right up to ourk3 member we provide an immersivelanguage rich environment for studentsin an international school wherechildren come from my diverse communityfrom countries all over the world afterkindergarten we have an internationalstream and a June language stream whichis in English and Mandarin and thishelps us promote bilingualism andreflects part of our culture in HongKong and in China at Fairchildkindergarten the development of thewhole child in the flavor firstenvironment is central to everythingthat we do our learning approachincludes the Reggio Emilia philosophywhich combined with an inquiry focusallows the children to use 100 languageswhich the key aspect of the ReggioEmilia approach[Music]you[Music]

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