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5 tbsp Flour (maida)
3 tbsp Sugar (cheeni/goor)
2 eggs (andey)
Little Milk (dood)
You can serve with chocolate syrup and sprinkles.
The ingredients depends on the quantity you want to make.



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Video Transcription

everyone welcome to my youtube channelas you guys know the corona pitiful avirus everyone is home so why not makesome pancake to show me how I make timekey probably you guys know how to makepancake already so here this is umall-purpose flour maida and fine okay Iadded five tables I’m sorry5 tbsp of maida all purpose flour inthis now I’m gonna add some sugar 2/3it’s okay so I’ll now add some eggs okaylet me remove the eggs in the bowl ofthe bowel imagine if an egg is causewhat I do at the whole mixture would bea waste[Music]okay four days into their okay here theinteresting part add some milkso okay bad in milk like that yeah I didpour some like some oil in this and I’mwaiting for the gas to heat up okayI know my video is not too bad well mebut what can I do enjoy that next timeI’ll make a good oneplease be fastmy chocolate syrup was waiting for me[Music]where’s the spoonful much here yes Ithink I can start nowyeah okay so I’ll take one of this first[Music]okay table for some oil in this[Music]it actually depends on a helmet we wantto make in a homeless quantity of sugaryou add and if you just add milk just tomake it in this form[Music]and I stay home and stay safecoronavirus is so dangerous it’sactually very dangerous people are dyingwith it tell me in comment below whatsort of videos do you wanna see onlythis is my first videos I was just a bitnot sure how to and what to me chilliyeah whatever you guys want to see justcomment below and yeah[Music]here I’m done with this so here we doYouTube you can add sprinkle as much asyou want yeah and this is my packingsweet delicious thank you so much nicecomment below whatever sort of video youwant to watch subscribe to my channelclick the bell icon and yeah never missan all-day thank you

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