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Hey lovely’s
I enjoyed cooking all these recipes but unfortunately all the videos of the sausage rolls either didn’t’ film or I may have accidentally deleted. Never the less I will be making them again over the next few weeks, so if you want to get notified when I post that, subscribe and turn on the notification. xx
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My own recipe I made up today was completely Gluten Free and Dairy Free. this recipe does make 12:

150g oats
1/2tsp baking powder
1/2 tbs raw sugar
2 eggs
150ml lactose free milk
75g vanilla coconut yoghurt

1. Blend oats to make oat flour
2. Add baking powder and sugar to oat flour
3. Whisk eggs, milk and yoghurt together
4. Add 1/2 wet mixture into dry mixture and stir. Once combined, add the rest of the wet mixture gradually.
5. Heat pan up and spray with coconut oil
6. Seperate mixture and cook until bubble form (2-3 minutes) then flip and cook for 2 minutes.
7. Top with any flavours


Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

this is so good I’m actually verysurprised so I’m currently editing myvideo because I’m gonna have it up sixand all of the footage of me making mysausage rolls is gone love that so yeahthere’s the after products of minesausage rolls but there’s no like recipeand like of me how to make it so I’mreally sorry better and pray here it’svery good apples through the moisture itdoesn’t wreck the pastry they lookamazingno back so now I’m going to peel theback off of it and pop it in here it’svery greasy okay[Music]I’m kind of just six fishing the Coon isin kind of squishing it up a little bitwhere the odds don’t come up very muchso I’m not actually gonna cook thistonight I’m gonna forget tomorrow soit’s nice and fresh I know I’m gonna layout my applesall right so one leg down and then I’mjust gonna sprinkle sugar so I’m gonnago sorry I’m probably just gonnasprinkle probably about half atablespoon and I’m gonna do anotherlayup but before doing a lambic andcheck out my sister drawNothey look amazing all right sonow I’m just gonna lay out the second dothe second lay off so not lighting it assuch I’m kind of just like evening itout all right so again really thathelped it was very me cut some stripsout of this slows about the dhobi thebackground Josh so I’m gonna cut to thestrip some kind of a lighter it likecurve all kind of crisp Rob I’ve seenpeople do this and I’m gonna guard weshall seefaith in yo sail what’s going on it sowe’re gonna Kurtis cows[Music]don’t know let’s switch brats bucks Imay just stop me middle guess I juststarted in the middleokay there’s the father than I thoughtbut this would be a lot simpler easy aspie get it god I mean this looks so goodI’m actually very surprisedlady half what does this look likeseriously these are my supposed totrolls I’m a they look freaking amazingI’m probably gonna try one of these in aminute and see how they taste becausethey did good morning sir right now I amabout makeup unknown okay so she isn’troom yet she should be my room in about10 minutesSimba no she should be over in about 10minutes it should work off that hotnarrator so we’re gonna stop my mom offwith coffee so I like my coffee black[Music]and I don’t put anything in becausenobody takes me about five minutes todrink in the moment I’ve had that mycoffee I need a car how’d you fall alemon only good enough again or youdon’t mind it’s easy to squeezeand I normally drop it in there whoabecause when I put the water in it takesmore tech dough and do you have ashoulder back up slider than you guyswow that does taste like absolute assbut it is very good for digestion huhI actually didn’t do this yesterday makeit I forgot I never have like 12yeah oh no that’s disgustingI don’t know why I do itI’m weighing this recipe huh I wasactually gonna make her what was about awaffle maker kind of shut itself todayI’m gonna try to make muffled and allthe waffles kept sticking into themachine so my pancakes sorry I’m gonnablend some arts so it’s kind of like artflour that I think I’m gonna go punch in25 gramssay I’ll go 150 because you doesn’t lovepancakesthere’s nothing else in not okay littlepowdery think that was my mom I’m justgonna pop it in the spoon all just tomake it a bit um I am gonna move thecamera down so you guys can see what I’mactually doing a little bit easier we’regonna do wet ingredients in here we’regonna do two eggsprobably gonna do about 200 meals ofmilk actually I’m gonna go 150because betting you’re less than do molea little bit of baking gotta make myfluffy and I’m also gonna guard a littlebit all of the lessons going to with alittle bit of yoga camera just tothicken up a little bit I’m gonna putabout 50 grams of your good in cause hestopped it so I’m gonna here 75 gramsall right now I’m gonna mix the bakingpowder in[Applause]that’s pretty freakin good for wingingthis recipe that’s like perfect alrightso I’m going are these just test it[Music][Music]I’m really hoping that they work we’rejust going to top them with berries andbananas and I love you’re good onanything from the lineage I’m not verygood as well maybe I should stack themup that could be kind of cute so hurryup otherwise she’s gonna get coldwell I’ll go to the kennel and make hera coffee as well cuz I knowhere we gothis is the lost of the battle and itwas big make a coffee in mycoffee in a while since I’ve been up inBrisbane so you’re gonna see like eightor nine months the leader has milk inyour coffee as wellwell the I’ve had enough of you todayit’s not even lunchtime you fruit Lee Ialso just turned the oven on because I’mgonna put my pot in the yup honestly I’msurprised someone hasn’t watched me yetactually don’t know that surprised okayno I’m gonna decorate this can we justcan we just take a minuteholy geez look at thatoh there I think the white patches arelike moisture from the glad drop buthopefully that doesn’t really make adifference but look at that just admirelike oh actually it’s a sugar rubbishprobably should have done the sugar lastalso don’t know how to cook it how tocook it faster we’ve eaten it you did goin my life if he’s not hiring youfuckin’-a yourself but well I hope youall had a lovely Mother’s Day well donethis video goes out which of you tonightshould I open a box of chocolates andstart having some punishment fromEngland Aaron ten minutes late happyMother’s Dayhi I’m filming thank youwhy did you take so long to get youriron if they admitted I had to go getsome that once I was in preparing somedelicious made it so basically prettydairy-free I made it myselfmhm I winged it and I also made a bunchof sausage rolls and apple pie look atthat look at look at that apple pie Wowand then this listen Jules alreadycooked I kind of put myself into a bitof a freak I mean yesterday I think it’dbe good I made a walk so I figured wecould drop some up it never causedbeautifulthank you okay um that one’s yours and Ididn’t I didn’t know okay enjoy berriesI like my berries like old and talkedbut I didn’t okay with that yeah do thatthis is my apple pie I’m gonna cut it upand put some cream on it uh that butthat is the end of my Mother’s Day kindof cooking with me video if you guysenjoyed this video I haven’t done a fewlike this for my channel before pleaselet me know what you think in thecomments below and again if you likethis video please give it a massivethumbs up and subscribe to my channel


  1. Looks so yummy. Btw your so beautiful! Just subscribed Hope we can be YouTube friends and support one another.

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