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How to make Pancakes at home? Cooking yummy and fluffy pancakes at home is easy – today in the video is a classic recipe for American pancakes.
A classic pancake recipe with milk, kefir or sour milk, which are obtained fluffy and airy. How to make pancakes quickly and inexpensively for those who want to get delicious American pancakes.
Perfect for a quick and delicious breakfast! Easy and quick breakfast recipes – what else you need for home cooking!)

It is better to mix all the ingredients with a whisk.

– flour-1.5 cups (200 g)
– milk-1 cup
– 1 egg,
– soda-0.5 tsp
– sugar-2-3 tbsp.
– vanilla sugar-0.5 tsp. Optional
– vegetable oil-2 tbsp.
– a pinch of salt

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