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Video Transcription

today we’re going to be learning how tomake pancakes first we’re gonna want toget out all of our greedy ants forpancakes will need flour baking powdersalt sugar eggs milk and oil so now wewant to get all of our dry ingredientsand mix them together so our flour ourbaking powder our salt and our sugartogether in a mixing bowl next we’llwant to get all of our wet ingredientstogether in a separate mixing bowl soour milk our eggs and our oil will bemixed together separately now we’regoing to be mixing all of thoseingredients together so we’re going tomix our wet ingredients with our dryingredients now we’re going to bepreheating our panso you’re going to turn on your stove orif you have a skillet you’re going toturn that on as well pancakes wenormally want on a medium heat if thestove is too hot then the pancakes willburn too quickly once your pan gets warmyou’re going to add a little bit ofbutter to your pan or skillet to makesure it covers the whole pan so thatonce you pour the batter in there itwill not stick you can use oil here aswell but butter gives it a sweeter tastenow we’re going to be pouring the batterinto the pan so whatever sized pancakesyou’re wanting is the amount of batterthat you should pour on to the pans at atime if you want a smaller pancake thenyou could use a teaspoon if you want abigger pancake then you will use a cupor even a half a cup now we’re going tobe cooking our pancakes when you flipthe pancake you want it to be done sowhen will that be you’ll see thesebubbles in the picture here your pancakewill start to bubble and when thosebubbles pop that means that that side iscooked when you flip it over and thatother side is cooked you won’t be seeingbubbles so once you see that brown flakyside on the bottom of the pan then thatother side is finished cookingnow all you have to do is eat and enjoysome people put butter and syrup ontheir pancakes some people put fruit andfilling on their pancakes whatever youdo enjoy

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