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Video Transcription

yoyoyo everybody and today we’re notmaking video game videos today we aregonna be making food food videos Oh alittle bit of water just preparing todaywe are gonna be making pancakes and I’mgonna show you step by step how to makepancakes and the first step is to behygienic number one wash your hands soI’m going to put my don’t believe me uphere believe me now and the other halfknow cuz it’s been already used and nowwe’re gonna I’m gonna show you step bystep how I was taught by my mom how tomake pancakes now first I’m gonna startwith a few eggs here’s one and also guysI’m gonna teach us more life neck let meget a cop now do you see this cup isempty I’m gonna fill it with water alittle more and now it is spill no sorryguysI’m so sorry and look now we’re gonnatest if this egg is old I mean if it’snot fresh or fresh now look if it’sgonna go down to the bottom it’s freshbut if it’s gonna float it’s not freshnow let’s just and we’ve got freshly Igot me I’m just gonna go takeone fresh egg another to go now let’sjust this egg and this one’s fresh nowlet’s fish that with a spoon okay now wegot ityou almost fell again you guys okay nowI’m just going now I just dumpedeverything in the kitchen sink and nowthat our eggs are fresh better now let’sgo sorry ten guysokay this is probably boring pink downhere goes one yeah that looks weird andhere comes the otter Oh what else weirda piece of shell just went down nowwe’ve got two eggs now this eggysubstance no its brand of sugar fisheggs and remember guys all these thingsthe oil flour the eggs the sugarand basically all of the stuff isorganicI wonder why did I call my youtubechannel mr. egg I should have justcalled it mr. organic now we’re gonnaadd the sugar I think that’s more Ithink that’s good enoughwhy am i singing what I what did I sayI’m singing I meant to say why am Itaking this good enough I need to knowthis recipe already now we’re just gonnamix mix and mix we’ll see what theconcoction is moments later and here weare guys we have finished mixing it andnow we’re gonna add it now we’re gonnaadd a few ingredients to itwell some you will add baking powder butbaking powder but I prefer to you makehomemade one so I’m gonna put a littlebit of floursee you organic and the eggs are againwhat I need to look around all of mykitchen now gonna add a little justgonna mix it mix so some people will sayit’s better to leave like the flourcrumbs and like the mixture but Ipreferred the flour crumbs to just becrushed see those big chunks of flour Iprefer them to be like mixed aroundevenly but some say you have thepancakes more fluffiness I disagree withthat now give me a few moments to mixthis thing around just mixingalmost done okay that’s goodnow you’ll end up with this and I’mcutting and yeah and this is your choiceto choose oh wait I forgot oneingredient the milk okay so I have someorganic milk that’s why because you cansee it now it’s your choice guys you caneither choose milk or organic milk orsour cream it works the same but likethe mood is gonna give more water nestedokay more liquid miss and the sour creamit may become a little more fluffier nowlet’s do the next part and pour milk andpour a little it’s like 100 millilitersoh it appears to be had a little toomuch milk yeah we’ll just go with itI’ll just add a little more organicflour and I’ve added a little more I’mgonna keep doing this until I can havethe mixture which it’s not soup likesolid but it’s still creamy it’s likecream give it a few seconds destroyingall of those flower crumbsand in a few minutes I need a fewseconds there we have it now I usuallyadd oil to do the batter first but it’syour choice you can either edit in thebeginning and then add some to the panor either did it at the opposite way atfirst to the pen and then okay I’m justmaking stings up I usually add oil hereand then a little here so the pan won’tstick and this won’t be too sticky oryou can you you can just take the oilskip the step in the middle and go hereand then pour it now I’m just gonna addthis time my oil this is almond don’tadd too much because you won’t feel goodif you eat too much almond oil let’sbegin the poor I’m gonna pour you allreally not nowshe ended up something like this mix ittogether so this is very sad like Iactually gonna show that you just get todestroyed your crumbs okay it’s time forthe cooking part so I can do it in asmall picture okay let me show you thelast time you’re gonna see it as betterlast time say goodbye and you’ll see apancake in the few minutes I meanseconds if you’re in this world you’reready and here we go and treat I meanhere we go in three sue failed missionfailed mission failedyou’re bailing out okay I showed yousomething okay and here we have it apancake so look and the first try itdoesn’t have to be perfect but it has tohelp like the stretchiness and then itremember it doesn’t have to be perfectit just needs to be good okay now if youdon’t believe me that this is real andyou believe that this is a plastic and Ibought it onlinelook I’m gonna eat it

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