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How to Make Homemade Pancakes!

Making an awesome breakfast doesn’t have to be a stressor. Turn on some music, move your body, and make the pancakes (or English muffin thins) on page 77 of Instant Loss Eat Real, Lose Weight! ⁣

What do your kids like to eat for breakfast? ⁣Did you enjoy this video? Should I make more like this?

Ceramic griddle:

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Video Transcription

[Music][Music]we don’t have any eggs though oh no wedon’t have any eggs what are we gonna dowhat are we going to do yeah we need toeat breakfast now yeah so what can youdo if you don’t have any eggs well youcan make flat six I conveniently givethe recipe for flexing in the beginningof my book as well here you go this isegg substitute you can see right thereit says flax egg so if you don’t haveany eggs on your hands no need to run tothe grocery store in a mad dash simplyscroll to the beginning of the book getthe recipes Black’s eggs and you weremiraculously safe we are gonna makethese English muffin fins but I’m justgonna call man cakes and they’re gonnabe pancakes because I am anti dish soanything that I can do with only gettingone or two things dirty that’s what I’mgonna do so instead of mixing thistogether in a bowl I’m just gonna put itin my Vitamix because we’re gonna beusing this anyway to blend the rest ofthe recipe so that’s it right there it’sgonna do its thing now we need applesauce and avocado oils so I have someavocado oil here do you ever do in thethe best we need 1/3 cup alright we gothere we go working us here buddy that’swhy you don’t blend your pitcher understill burner next we have maple syrupand steel-cut oats we use this 100% puremaple syrup it is different than pancakesyrup so most pancake syrups have a lotof artificial sweeteners a lot of timesthey’re made with things like corn syrupor high fructose corn syrup but this isthe good stuff this is 100% pure maplesyrup it can be kind of pricey so thisis something that you definitely want toget a at a big box store like Costco andyou’re gonna save moneyhey as you can see it’s really carefulabout measuring all of my ingredients Ithink you’re just gonna get to a pointonce you’re in the kitchen every daywhere you can kind of eyeball things andyou just know that’s about twotablespoons Beck’s about a 3/4 cupbaking powder and baking soda you wantto make sure that the baking powder thatyou get is always aluminum free who knewthat they put yucky things like aluminuminto our baking powder for Belle let’sbuy the aluminum free time this mightseem like a lot trust me[Music]I love you to heaven 17 house saltbrings out the sweetness so you want toalways add a little bit of salt good sonow we’re gonna blend just go come overwith me to the blend station what okayso here’s what our mixture looks likeit’s already fizzling a little bit andsorry if I gave you motion sickness seethis is what I do I cook and they justwait like hungry ravenous wolves we’regonna blend on high[Music]we go just a few seconds until it’s allgood and blended I hope you taunt likefive minutes children they have no senseof time now we are ready to start makingour pancakes we’re gonna have these guysdone in a jiffy yeah[Music]also I have a ceramic riddle I got itoff of Amazon it’s awfully yeah buddylook at that[Music]I mean alright and here’s breakfastbreakfast my easy peasy lemon squeezytook under 30 minutes tada alright youguys ready yeah[Music]and then I’m gonna make a date with

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  1. My one daughter has celiac disease and loves your banana bread from your IL Cookbook. Just got IL Eat Real, Lose Weight and loving the recipes we have tried so far!

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