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Video Transcription

today we are going to make deliciouspancakes here you have the ingredientsflour eggs water sugar salt milk Nutellaand a little bit of sugar syrup we aregoing to juice the Thermomix machinefast food so butter in the worlddo you like this for two minutes men putsome meat in a board now add 2x to theno food so she was in the roadnow put some flour into this bowlNo[Music][Music][Music][Music][Applause][Music]now everything to another boothnow we are going to start cooking thepancakes first you pick a frying pan anda little bit of oil then they fry run onthe Google now like us finally with somebutter into the panfinally cook the pancakes for a minutedr. Magellan Oh finallyyou think I read it buggy with DillaAngeles rainy night

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