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How to make pancakes 🥞

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Video Transcription

I mean um pancakes and first whereyou’re gonna have to put flour like Imean panic pancakes and housing and thena + 3 H nu 8 it depends how much moneyshout out to my mom because he’s helpingusvo then mixing okayand have fun like making game but don’tmake a mess yeah[Music]basically basically it’s like we makingslime I feel so excited see when we didthe other organ we pour it inside don’tjust put it in one spot you need to likeand go and wash it feels like likewashing[Music]and um sorry about that sound a newguest[Music]yeah[Music]I know and this yeah so we sought herplatelike not right put on this thoughbecause because my grandma’s doing somethings and we can’t do make a Nixon timeyeah I’ll see what[Music]

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