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all you need

1 and 1/2 cup of all purpose flour
50 ml of oil
150 ml of white sugar
1 swak pack of bear brand
2 eggs
2 pintch of salt
250 ml of water for the powder milk but if you have liquid milk just put 250 ml of liquid milk

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Video Transcription

hello mana bye good afternoonit was a Pilipinas today I’m going toshare with you a very simple kind ofsnack we call it in Kuwait pancake andtoday I’m going to share it with you mygosh Manning this day I’m going to sharewith you how I make it when I was incoid and I want my kids to taste it andand I want to know if they like it ornot okay let’s startwe need a I know a plan Ghana my god weneed a bowl to mix all the ingredientsokay Caleb an opinion but I’m on withnothing on the hot when I lie along manenough so what we need is milk since wedon’t have a liquid milk so I’m going touse a swap pack of beer brand and okayonce walked back up where brand andsince there is one one spoon left inSuitland on so I’m going to I’m going toadd add this one also and two two eggsokay be bigger we’re going to break itokay yeahyou don’t know how to break it just likethat but mm-hmmGod mighty gizumon oh okay oh I knowthat one fan on okay don’t don’t do itagain just look at me just I know justmust make us the sideit’s a long a mob of you look mama boyoMG sorryoh no shall we now I’m ugly bucketyeah so my googas Pathan yougonna Punk me tonypop Nana Billy cool soif you post Mona naughtyso manga by let’s do it again and screenalreadywe got me too big pot with a minute oMGmy pan I’m gonna get through the quad asomething wrong segued a guys a balmyparody to Thomas Walker keep see not acool person involved so let’s try tobreak it here if it’s okay or notyes it’s okay this one alrightokay the egg is good so put it there inour back mix it very very well have tomix it’s very very well yes and we’llput a little bit of sugaruh no no no salt for uh Mary McGuffinyoung lunch ah just a pinch of saltyeah just light it back back back babyshake it baby girl you can do it rightokay the man was holding a donor youshake it very very well just like thatjust like that shake and shake okay oopsthat’s enough and then we put it 1 pinchof salt and after that we will mix thatwe will mix theSwatt pack of beer and here yeah can yougive me a spoon baby make it quick okayhakuna I could not miss day become a abonus of need a get me I’m going to mixit here so we need a helluva naughty now250 ml of water but wasn’t nothing itmakes Manhattan heater is also so Ihope that kids were will like it becauseit is like a Kuwait style quiet on oneday mix Nam I think milk because wedon’t have a a what do you call that wedon’t have a liquid meal so go go but Inon liquid milk boost in your mom you inyour hot cake or Ponty you have to put asomething up on patrol boat yes orbaking powder so you know banana the anymilk that was young the rest of thewaterhope you shake it’s very well baby yeahand then we were put 150 ml of sugar yesthis kind of pup is contains 250 ml ofwater so 20 50 ml I mean and we will put150 jogar see girl 1 I know 130 loveyo yo you’re nothing and then you willadd oil oil we will add 50 ml of oilyeah I’m on a bummer buy 50 ml of oilokay mix it and the last one is we willput another one pinch of salt here thisStein of salt is from Kuwait but Allahgonna pop told us loop one pinch againof saltyeah then now we’re going to put I’musing all purpose flour manga by missingall purpose flour so yes we will put 2cups of all-purpose flour so metapontumof I propose to you now madam is you canadd more sugar you know Kalamata bankísa melon coming see Europe now I’ll add aVeneto after one year in a shamble yousee Europe so my own mahogany planetensure young sea rope guarding palanquinDola Dola ho sake begotten so is itsmoothyeah gosh she gets a very very well yeahmaybe we can taste it after or need moresugarokay I’m gonna share now the wrong showunfollow have cut love one and half cupof all-purpose flour and one and a halfas a brownian yeah and one and a halfcup of all-purpose flourcuz they made you unnecessary Milaapwhat see it makes it very very well mybaby girl my very good baby girl yes youcan do it yeah yes it’s very uh nonauseous Tiki you can see it at stakeinna and this is the right the rightmeasurements so one and a half cup ofall-purpose flouryeah 50 ml of oilum 150 ml of white sugar and then oneswap back of bourbon and there I I addthe one spoon maybe yeah it is one spoonis the hukum and opens off salts so thisis all so mix it’s very very well mybike I say my age is nothing especiallythe all-purpose flour Maron Appa youngcontains a little bit of Pampa to bonusso it will stay now or we will leave itwe will set that aside for lateralminutes yeah okay mix it very well babywe will set it aside for maybe fiveminutes mega byeso let’s let let’s try namana by knowabout set aside the pylonfive minutes so I love an honest andnothing on oil you up in qawalli younggosh you see your mother miss Mona butall our young pancakes zero withinhearing like the gong show girl asthmasabi ko oh my girls the snuff is almostreadythen nothing go animal yari your kale onmy end oh surebelonging my Cobra shadow where is thecover of this nominee Coburn Hawaii theand janeshia and I think Athena ink onyour new young redeem LaShawn ballotsare in let’s seeoMG perfect yeahperfect manga buys kko excited numbat ohyeahmake hey oh yeah haunted I smell hotchick meet Anaka Wally from Mina’sPattaya way thank you so much for thisvery cute heart shape Cavalli andregalia to Nam Christmas party Milaamong us stuff no meanness but he anregards satin and a salmon is pitayaalchemist a mango towel so this is itthis is the front and this is the pathoh my goshOh Andy look what’s up Celine or diewait a minutechicken chicken let’s do one more timeyour valuation in your boy it’s not realit’s very affordableno we don’t need a lot of flour forsummer kids in your yardwhoopssnap time for saying that my pointaccessor and I’m gonna bakery so we haveto do something simple no need not mineown Mahalo lemon in regions soyeah boys in thy sight pizza shop if youwant you wanna shake did summer boy so Ithought you will see your opener thelock one year one year not to survivewhen you long some of the gummy it gonnamean you know siegy de bellas artesgonna give out the hot sauce like thistorn around[Music]one six zero power saw see gonna dietake it die let us see ups how was itokay love meall right they’re like hit and that’sgive it because this is Kuwait stylemake the Sangam Arenado and I go by anin a podokay well it are you know not sure whatare you new movie star my gosh baka bakabelief that me so okay now now go on anad in a para honey look yeah no man youdoing so damn enough I’m a gulet notthatmoron – I’m gonna buy a pigment Cleoyeah boys coconuts – vanillalater I will show you – again I’m a bluepaw so it will not move I never go upwhat I you know 12 the weld nut beer asaw so one any half cup of all-purposeflour I’m talkin de Haan nandito IAnusha will a chef food color that loadokay in density see ya you try what thisone man it’s Europe weekly let me anemergency I’m gonna be getting up trynaMeshuga Neha know they know and you knowwho you are doing a request this one donot an hour gonna hand boombook the lean up o OC Gillihan until Iwon Maha by waiting in utila one nowwell efficiency rope villagio girl go onsay Kalinin tickets right equally honestabuh buhbut one box Lizarraga might allow mesome let me borrow nice sugar Lamiathis is go it style hmm you try to put Iknow Europe turn aroundwe taught you poo yard in it yesI literally it’s because you are earthJohn that’s great but I need 0bmahabharatham is throw long and I seeEurope you captain so I know Misso savvymove mom why do you not I’m up in thereyou go us babysoul :geez give me money who has the undrawnupon Tom bearson Ola media big legacy nono that’s not how you eat mama boy soyou can make it in your home very simpleI’m adding in my ingredients again yes Idid a common wand within a home onbusiness kappa sonikku mohamed el amigoof case Europe and ruler man um cacaLaguna taeneung so okay try it nowyeah you cut us upokay okay not happen oh my goodness thatbutton Campbell rumbles a woman try itwhat yes of courseock training Oh like a quantum isPokharaokay kiya uncie gay bi bi bi bi samuraiahoy well now a knock upon economy

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