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HOw TO mAKe FLUFFY PANCAKES//NO BAKING POWDER & BUTTER// Best Pancakes Your family will love🌹🌼

How to make Fluffy Pancakes. This Pancakes are so good, your family will love it.

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Video Transcription

hello beauties welcome to Joker’s I’mfuchsia where I infuse food and talk andtoday we are making a very soft andflavorful fluffy pancakes this recipemakes soft and fluffy old-fashionedpancakes they are easy to put togetherand are made with increments you find inyour kitchen keep watching as you seehow I make this so this recipe I’m aboutto show you will make about eight smallpancakes and I have about four egg yolksinto that I just added four tablespoonsof coconut oil you can use water you canuse vegetable oil it’s completelyoptional but I love the aroma thatcoconut oil gives to those pancakes andthe taste now I went in with about 60 mlof milk and I am going to go in with ateaspoon of vanilla essence and you wantto use the original vanilla essence forthis not all those two worth flavors butget the real thing or you mess up theflavor of this pancake and I will whiskall of that until I have those littlebubbles forming on top and then I’ll goin with my flour with I used about 175ml that’s like a half and a quarter ontop the measurement thing so you want tomix that until it’s soft and tender it’sa soft and tender okay until it’s niceand fluffy and it looks like this batterso here I have my four egg whites whichI separated from the egg yolks and tothat I added a teaspoon of vinegar and Iam going to beat all of that togetheruntil it is nice and fluffy guys youknow there has been an argument aboutthe original pancakes but I lovepancakesI believe this recipe you know it fitsin more with the American style ofpancakes and the British style ofpancakes because Americanslovely eye pain sweet the British loveweeds you know just okay they use withor is it boots and flour or something tomake this so and you know what I foundso interesting about paintings actuallya world pancakes be okay that is howmuch people love pancakes around theworldand my family if not even left out and Ithink this year the wall pancakes USABridget on 26 February that’s Tuesdayand the core need is a sure of Tuesdayor something shrubs SH are all the issueof Tuesday anyway back to our pancakeshere I after whisking my milk I addedsugar sorryas your misc in your egg whites yourgreens go in with sugar and what shoulddownloads my measurement I think I usedabout paksy meal of sugar depending onhow you watch it but this was reallysweet you can reduce the sugar you canadd more and then I mix the egg whitesand the batter together so here in a panwe’re going to add our oil and I stilluse some coconut oil to fry this and Iadded it to my pan and then I am goingto scoop my butteralright using a piping bag but you knowthis is not softly pancakes but you canuse an ice cream scoop any measurementyou want you can make it bigger you canmake it smaller and guys my kitchen it’svery very good about now and guess whatsome people are lined up they’re waitingand I’m like no I am making a video Iwant to take out snap for my Tom knew soplease be patient you want to cook yourpancakes on very low heat like very verylow heat and I cooked that four to twominutes on both sidesyou make sure the pen area here thatit’s working so that it’s all burn andit’s nice and golden brown this pancakeis so full of tea it’s so deliciousit melts in your mouth and it’s sofeeling your children will love you trythis recipe for your kids this currenttime period for your family and they’llbe feel so happy they’ll be glad you didif you’re new to my channel welcome I amso glad you stopped by please hit thesubscribe button and be a part of thisamazing family and to my old subscribersthank you so muchshout out to you so much love goes inyour direction and we’re going to fryall of our pancakes and badges untilit’s well done and it’s so beautifullook how beautiful our pancakes look andI served mine with some chewy[Music][Laughter]whoa amazing soft

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