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How to cook pancakes without a stove.

Today I’m going to be shown you this how to cook pancakes in the microwave!!!remember to describe to channel to get notification button and hit the like button so you don’t make another video of my channel.

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Video Transcription

hey guys what does it sneakin Milliaand welcome back to know Lea Derek itbeen no wild I’ve been doing a video onno Lea Derek thousand if today so firstrank up in real special so you need tobe doing some recipes that’s it I’mcooked pancakeswell now I’m cooking them so first so sofirst a bit but wash your hands put theminto my for C not on for a minutenow we’re going away underway here tojoin but while we’re waiting other of myfavorite rainbow sprinkles[Music]uh anyone corn syrup you quit Utah orchocolate syrup you could use it or ifyou just have flying fair up you coulduse that I got both but underneath itall but I’m gonna be using my chocolatesyrup now please wait sorry I did reallyfresh in my hair but it was good[Music]so[Music][Applause][Music]you know the chapter thorough sorryabout the noise guys it’s going crazyit’s going crazy okay now what’s doingright now are you anything good enoughstack them up up my head reallydelicious so I don’t want you like cookit all them are still kind of cold sonow put them in sorry about sorry aboutthat guys learn to follow me cute mellowand what am i a to other channel i haduploaded in the description I put inthis question belowI didn’t miss it so we have our twolittle gradients well honestly where Igot them[Music]yeah I did I scream too much – my my mylast time now pancakes all of themshould be hot okay you got your pancakesthat open up beers bigger up orchocolate and[Music][Music]and holding me at the same time okay isgonna be under the tricks now yourblueberry or just butter about what alittle crazy stuff she look like thisall drippy yeah now if you got your anysprinkles you like I’m gonna use mychoice but this is the only sprinkleswill be half about open okay port yeahwhat up all you need to do it you wantaha there’s my very good theadministrative the strawberries well wegave one grocery shoppingwell mom one groceries well my mom wentgrocery shopping so and every time thebeginner cooking awfully I cook someother stuff well we just cut thestrawberry it with a spoon or a fork ohdo we looking at now[Music]did you look like this just forget bythe noise see nothing just add it andjust keep cutting it all the way thewhole time before before I did this thatthe truth was I was actually hungry so Ijust I just thought today likewell it could be kind of dangerous soyou need to the ASP adult to help youthat is for slice or was life why youkeep gated or with my dad’s now you knowone you could just dip the chocolate inthe strawberry jam but on and the lastthing they need to do is you accrueextra sprinkles yeah sorry I’m justcrazy with unicorn and a rainbow becauseI didn’t love them even has some toys ofrainbow Aniak onesoh yeah and next show on next video onon my on my up on on a live lifetime oror over this channel I might do do thiswish you make over themoh yeah and oh yeah and I’m oh yeah andI do love Mariah lose the best show ofwhich me Constance and ahead I’ll put itin the description belowand here you go this is your completedpancake now I get this taste tester Iknow the house is sunlight I got my forkno I might be doing this Oh remember nowthe fruit first I try and whip out somewhipped up without the details like youknow your brother sprinkles with thenight ray lips no yeah

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