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Mal and Evie make Pancake Art of their friends From Descendants 3. Which Surprise Descendants like Audrey, Uma and Hades, will they have to make into Pancake Art?


All the way from Isle of the Lost and Auradon Prep with Jenn Barlow as Evie, Laura Hall as Mal, and Adam Rodney as Harry Hook.

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Video Transcription

later in this video careful Val watchyour head no no gotta watch myeverything[Music]hi you guys it’s me now and I’m her BFFyou know us from descendants three yeahand today we are doing a super-funpancake Archer I love pancakes but waitwhat’s an art challenge so basicallywhat we’re doing is we’re taking somepictures of people and objects fromdescendants and we have to make them inpink cake form crazy Wow I mean I’mreally good at designing clothes I feellike this shouldn’t be too bad how manyrounds are we doing we are gonna do fiverounds and it’s okay if I use magicright um the judges are saying no magicno okay I totally thought I had this butnow I mean we are back on the aisles soyou know how that goes no magic oh goshI’m really nervous okay so um yes we’regonna do five rounds and the winner getsto be the winner and then the loser hasto eat a really disgusting gross pancakemade by ourmy flavored I’m running no okay I’m justsaying that for the record but I do lovepanky me too so let’s get started do itwait you picked the first photo okay seeit is huh it’s my spot bug it would beyour Salvage right oh here we goI don’t even know where speaking I’mgonna start with black and outline ohit’s easy because it’s a rectangleI almost said square but it’s not it’s arectangle yeah okay okay I got look atall the details we got a dragon check wegot green check purple let’s go thingslike swirlies if you want to do themthat might be advanced oh I don’t knowwhirly dues hmm I have this one friendand she has a cat and she puts littlebow ties on the cat it has like a bowtie for every occasion she seems reallyawesome after that is that no no it’sanother you don’t know her yeah that’s -okay um I’m not gonna lie my dragonsturning into a squirrel like creatureoh my dragon looks like it looks likemacaroni and cheese I he says mygriddles off but I feel like somebodymaybe your dad is playing some magicaltrick on me I wouldn’t what you werelike really advanced and faroh you’re design wits but it’s not it’sthink it seems that way but would youguys is favorite breakfast food let usknow in the comments is yours pancakes Idon’t know umI think a good like breakfast sandwichwith a croissant croissant um Evie yeahdid we think spatulas um you need thosemm-hmmoh no we can can you can you bring us aspatula please I’m worried that mybaby’s gonna burn it’s really smokingover hereturn it down it’s smoking um this pinkjust exploded and it’s still doing it Idon’t know what just happenedI have to pee carmine we’re not gonnaput pink before um I was gonna do like adot now it’s like it says it’s a choiceit’s an artistic choice just like wesaid before it’s like you can make theseimages and you can be creative with itcuz that or it can choose for you yeahthat’s a creative choice but I’m notsure we made it because the thing isHades if any surround art is subjectiveart is got a mind of its own and it’snot the greatest but it’s not the worstit kind of looks like a worm in themiddle instead of at random so that’scool breathing a little fire and my mydecorations how’s our little aliens thisis my dragon but the blocks pretty wellI can’t wait to see yours yeah let’s getdown we’re cooking cooking with Evie mmwe should have a cooking show I have allthese ideas I got lots of ideasRemis but cooking cooking then the beatdrops were cooking and there’s just likesmoke Majlis and like ice cream conesand like waffles and yeah I like itsuper great patience I think you have alot of patience me yes or just ingeneral um with the paint I mean ingeneral but with these pancakesspecifically I think the art work youknow and the flipping it all takespatience Wow chunky cuz my border myedge like I’m gonna cut some of thesetadaWow Wow so these were yours is greatthank youyours is really good I like that it’svery symmetrical and very squareit’s very I mean I the black swirlydeuce is what I’m most proud who is itgonna be what’s again a baby but you’regonna be who’s it gonna bewhat’s my name oh I love love love herhair I don’t know how many times I’mgonna say it you okay um but the judgesare saying we only do that from thewaist up Oh that’ll make life a littleeasier so what do you think like do youthink she’s more villain or do you thinkshe’s more young guys think no to me shegot very nice this last go-around whichI’m super appreciative of sameI dunno third arm I’m doing all of herarms okay just – okay yeswhy oh the pink is out of control oh mygosh Audrey the spirit of Audrey is herethe yellow is always sort of where minestarts to take a turn just if you thinkit’s going well it’s like the yellowcomes surprise that’s why I’m with thepink cuz it just made itself on to mypancake whether I liked it yeah but itwas a good thing but this is gonna be avery tiny pancake I knowmm-hmm I really don’t want to eat thisactually what is so cool you did withthe latticework her eyebrows a littlechunky uh-oh my eyebrows are chunkscentral he just got real she needs toget her eyebrows wet just likeI’m not gonna do I’m throwing that outthereit she’s a one arms a girl she onlyneeds one arm because she’s thatmotivated in life I don’t know very nicetool again it weather just shoots out atme yours is so detail-oriented you’re arighty right yeah are you yepare you guys a righty or a lefty by thatI mean are you right-handed orleft-handed or both isn’t theresomething to say about left-handedpeople like they’re more likely tobecome presidentoh well of the United States I’ve neverbeen to the United States but that’swhat I hear that more presidents areleft-handed oh it’s time to flip herokaynot the worst thing I’ve ever done in mylifethat looks great not best but not theworst okay here’s a fun challenge Eviehas been so detailed and she’s takingher time with this which is great in butyou should I’m going to in the meantimetry to remake this ilma by the time thatyou is ready to flip here we go soundslike a challengeokay oh no oh no how’s it going overthereseeping out from the sides I’m sabotageby my pancake uh-huhwhoa okay this was a mistake and shewatches this and we messed her uproyally she might turn back to thevillainous side you know what I meanall right Evie oh ma let’s flip outyou’re flipping okay I’m sorry I’m notdone yet I was trying to be done I haveone more thing to do yeah she’s gotthose brows and then brows are oh okayI’m not gonna lie I love my girls hairdetail oh yeah your sis mines like sosmaller compared to yours they’re bothvery sassy looking what is very smallbut that’s actually like closer to thesize of her on this paper okay nextround next oh I’m whoa whoa reversereverse your other mechanism ass womannumber two it’s still cooking you’reRussian like you’re from Russia andreview whoadangit well her face I don’t know howyou’re gonna feel about this why who isit help me you are gonna become apancake okay you know how it goes it’salways tough when you’re in the outlineround it’s so tough I’m like so focusedright now on this outline okay so sayyou weren’t dating Ben let’s just do ahypothetical jump right in it let’s getrealokay let’s a dish okay let’s dish who doyou think the second cutest guy in allof auradon or the aisle is actually ohthis is hard I have to really I thinkHarry hook is really cute by I mean Ilike then I’m with Ben but like oh mygosh news alert breaking news everybodyI also think our good friend Jay issuper cute yeah oh no I had it and I youknow I’m afraid to look frankly maltakes two turns to easy one hmmall right really quick here we go makinganother one here we go here is herbeautiful head beautiful thank youthat is the nicest thing anybody’s eversaid to meuh-huh and I know this is gonna come asa shock to most of you the pink is outof control the rest of her body is notcooking because these griddles are crazythey’re out of the WASC riddles theycan’t be trusted it’s true[Music]okay we got I’m flipping out over herewhoa that’s really good she’s so truegirl oh my gosh Eevee it’s so cute useyour credit it’s almost like it’s likeit’s like a thought bubble or like youknow you send text messages it’s like inthat bubble okay yeah your face got alittle burn um it’s our fourth rowoh my gosh I feel like I’m gettingbetter at this every round I’m tryingreally hardready text they sent you where I waslike don’t tell anybody it was myfavorite food know I ever heard thatmaybe now has a crush on no idea wholehypothetical it was really a joke it wasa joke more than anythingOh what is this yeah that’s our nexttime round we’re about to UM do make himinto a pancake well this should beinterestingI mean if you want even a challenge youcould be in a challenge but you can’tjust you can’t eat all our pancake mixyeah I don’t know can I throw your PINwhen you’re done Mary hope to keep youguys what I don’t know how I’m gonnaaccurately be able to make this into apancake but I’m gonna do my bestit looks like I’m I made like a big hatI’m oh my gosh so goodhmm you like it even betterokay I have a question for you Harrybetter if you weren’t kind of datingEmma are you dating no man how are youdoingidentikit in town okay you’re missingsomebodyoh okay anyway if you weren’t into Emmaor are you into Huma I’m not sure it’sconfusing to me but anyway the to do youthink is the prettiestif you are eating Newman maybe you’renot dating too much but let’s just gohypothetically well I’m not saying youowe my gosh don’t enter full nowwatch your head no no I’m gonna watch myeverythingget out of here Harryyikes okay I’m just gonna flip this is atwo-parter a two-parter you’re makingtwo again no did I hear two pots in likepart two of descendants when I firstcame in it was just gonna be okay helooks like a vampireit looks like a vampire too no he doesnot look great[Music]that might have been my worst round okayI’ve got to go call Ben oh no no that’swhat I came here for mouth then he’stending to the beasts much will helpokay you better get Joey let it go I’lldo it I’ll be right back I will takecare of it don’t worry okay we’re goinginto the fifth and final round and finalfor all the marblesI don’t know okay who are we drawingalright let’s see who we got hereit’s what Audrey who how how is she inpersons she’s moody sometimes why do youthink she’s like that I don’t reallyknow I think she’s a little sad at beenfalling in love with um my girl mal hmmso gets awkward real quickit sounds sounds uncomfortablealright I found this hat on the groundso careful with thathow’s it look what do you think EdieKatia pirate if you were a fashionistapirate so you think she looks quite niceon youthanks Harry whoa Harry I’m crazywhoa lady need scanner right right alady needs skin it’s trueher words have never been spoken yeah Ican’t say it’s great because I don’tthink my griddle is workingappropriately I think it’s gone off onoff and then I think but it’s on it’slike score cheetah whoa Harry all rightnow it’s just time to cook them time totemp time to turn up the heat here andwell we the aisle you smell what Evie’scooking hmmwhat if you didn’t have a hook would itbe on a spatula for him oh yeah youcould be hairy spatula have you doublespatula hohoho I’ve been hankies all dayyou like that boom boom speaking of Ithink you should save yours it needs tobe Flint cuz it’s like I’m like it’s aburning whoa not having it today okay mygod a little toasted cheese orange whoaI mean she’s Audrey the queen of toastokay next we get to go the judges andjudge all the rounds of pancakes if Iknow who is the big winner and who’swait a minute Rand loser who needsjudges when you have me judges but I’lljudge yours for you and I’ll let thejudges judge the one we made how aboutthat let’s start in round five becauseyou’re here and let’s just be realyou’re Audrey one for sure sure greatjob thank you the spell book Harry thejudge give this one to[Music]even though you messed up is quite oneday it was it was very rectangular yeahRon – was uma uma who want Emma I haveto give this one to Evie again okayHades next up is Hades okay wheneverHades is Oh totally because it is herdad after all so I feel like she wouldknow what he looks like best who wonthis row IV we may be bees and it wasvery challenging but but the winner ofthis pancake art challenge is let mewrite it down for you oh I think I know[Music]thank you thank you thank you to you athome I appreciate you being on my teamwe are team if they’re a team what’s ourteam name team friends at home plus Eviefreebie it was an amazing job on secondI can’t even tell you say we won allright you’re a unit okay but you knowwhat that means since you’re here andall you have to participate in thepunishment okay you guys welcome backit’s time I made them leave and I haveto come up with their punishment so Idecided they have to eat the Eviepancakes with the hottest chips I couldfind through the flamin hot onionflavored rings the are redsuper cute for they’re so incrediblyspicy so let me put these onget him all dialed in they each get anEevee actually they can beat mouths twoV’sokay what do you have for us you guysjust have to eat an Eevee pinky oh okayyou guys have to eat wouldn’t be justlike the hottest spiciest availablechips known to man where’s my eby’sthese are your Evo that’s what they wereyour eby’s and now they’re covered inreally flaming hot okay wait but beforewe do this you guys make sure yousubscribe so you can see more fundescendants challenges like this oneyeahmake sure you guys subscribe turn yourBell notifications on and leave acomment who do you want to see me dateoh my gosh no don’t comment to thatplease actually let us know who youthink won each round below we want tohear from you yeah and like if you likedthe sentence okay just like one morereally big value and then you’re gonnabe done okay I’m about your head theydid it they did it that’s a song thisweek I don’t know is he gonna walk theplace she just jumped in whoa okay come

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