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How To Make Fluffy Pancakes From Scratch

Pancakes are not only delicious, but they also represent the fundamentals of kitchen fun for many families. In the video, Emily shows us how to achieve tender, fluffy pancakes every single time using a few special tips and tricks. (She also has the secret on how to achieve the perfect first pancake!) Gather the while family together, get all the toppings ready and try this simple recipe.

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Video Transcription

pancakes are the ABCs of any kitchen andI’m showing you guys todaymy favorite tried-and-true recipe herein the Caribbean we celebrate our richand diverse heritage every day in everypot the story of our shared experiencesis told in every bite of our favoritedishes join us as we explore Caribbeancuisine where every dish is simply local[Music]so the reason why I said pancakes arethe ABCs of the kitchen is because Ifeel like a lot of people out therepancakes are the first thing unique ifit’s you know if first I’m in thekitchen next your mom making it or youopen up the cookbook for the first timeand you see pancakes and it’s super easysuper doable and for me my first pancakerecipe experience was actually via thenovice cookbook so actually commentbelow if if an you have an obscure bookin your house I feel like it’s such anaudience table at this point but as timewent on I’ve kind of deviated from thatrecipe it’s a great base recipe but Ikind of wanted to add my little twist toit from a few pieces that I worked and acouple tricks that I’ve found to makesure your pancakes are super fluffy anddelicious and tender every single timeso let’s jump right in and get startedso in this bowl here I have 2 cups of mycuisine all-purpose flour into that I’mgoing to add some sugardon’t you worry all the exactmeasurements will be available in thelink below I have some salt air that I’madding and here I have about half atablespoon of baking powder and it’sactually more baking powder than it’susually added to your basic pancakerecipe for this recipe I’m going forvolume and fluff factor so more bakingpowder will give you more ice and makethose pancakes the nice crust on theoutside you cut your knife and it’ssuper fluffy and steamy baking powderhelps you do that okay so I’m just gonnahavemy waist right hand I’m gonna whisk thisall together make sure it’s all evenlydistributed and then put that aside yourwe’re like 50% done so before you thinkabout getting our pancake mix just thinkabout how long that took meokay so M is full I am going to add acup and a half of cuisine full creammilk it’s gonna measure right here and Idon’t know it’s you kind of want to makesure that all your ingredients are atthe same temperature so for instance ifyou have super cold milk and you havemelted butteryour butt’s is just gonna solidify rightback into that ice-cold milk so if youhave a sack on maybe leave the milk outfor a little while or you could easilyjust put it in a microwave for a fewseconds just until it’s room temperaturealright so that is my milk and to thatI’m adding just a splash less / / withmore of a dash of vanilla extract just alittle bit you don’t want it to be toostrong there we gothat aside and then right hey I havesome egg yolks so I’ve separated my eggsI did three eggs I have my egg whites ina nice clean Bowl and then I have my eggyolks right here so I’m going to pourthe egg yolks right in to the milk andvanilla mixture and then egg yolks haslike such a richness it really want tomake sure you get those in there and I’mjust gonna whisk this together and thenslowly stream in the melted butter nowabout two ounces of butter you want tobe generous with your butter becausewhat equals flavor fat equals flavor andit really makes those pancakes supersuper tender[Music]alright I’m gonna need my wisp to whipup my egg whites for the kids that wouldbe nice fluffy egg whites is you hoppedat everything super clean so I’m gonnagive us a quick rinse and come rightback so you know you’re probablythinking why we even separating the eggsanyway usually we just crack the eggsmix it up with the wet ingredients andthen pour it right into the pancakes buttoday my friends were making fluffypancakes so what I’m gonna do now is I’mjust going to beat these egg whites upso it’s nice and fluffy and then we’regonna fold everything together and whatthe egg whites is gonna do it’s actuallytraps extra a to make sure thosepancakes rise beautifully and they’regonna be super super tender so justrelax if you have a KitchenAid mixer ora hand pizza you can go right ahead andbeat these up but I’m gonna do my hand[Music]I’ll see little bit and just so know notjust for pancakes but in general if youever want to beat egg whites and be surethat they’re nice and fluffy you reallywant to make sure that all the equipmentyou’re using is completely grease freeand that you really have no traces ofegg yolks and your white so take yourtime and separate the eggs and try to dothem one at a time so that if any eggyolk falls into the egg whites you’renot gonna ruin the whole batch okay allright so so nice and frothy here I’mgonna pause for a second and in themeanwhile I am going to just quitesimply mix my dry ingredients in my wetingredients together so I make a littlebit about well in my dry ingredients I’mjust gonna pull this right into themiddleit’s gonna start with small circles andthen slowly bring everything togethergreat so right here I have my nice pullme out guys I’m gonna give us anotherlittle whip and I wouldn’t even see wehave to be these two any sort of peaklevel you just want it to be really niceand for me what I’m gonna do now is I’mjust going to gently fold my egg whitesinto my pocket Votto so how I like tofall is I just kind of keep the ball inmotion and I’d literally just bring thebottle over on itself like that alrightso the key with this boundary pad so youdon’t want to sit too long while so it’sgonna lose some of the air I know whaty’all a lot of y’all are thinking how ismy first pancake gonna come out and thekey to getting the perfect first pancakeis you just don’t okay it’s kind of likescientific the first pancake never comesout as good as the rest so you justkinda have to be patient with it usuallythat first pancake is the one you kindof want to snack on while you’re waitingfor the rest so I have my butter in mypan and I’m using an ice cream scoophere just to portion out I’m just gonnaput this right in to the time I feellike good amount of butter it’s a coldmy palm because I wanted to kind of getcrispy of the B’s that’s just my pancakepreference all rightnot too bad it’s not the perfect pancakebut for a first I get that into sharpieguys alrighty so first pancake completenow let’s make the rest of them[Music]there you go guys it’s a nice fat stockso we got ten pancakes that’s nine handbecause obviously we ate the first onecuz the first one is kind of like youknow that’s just for yourself to munchon or you just give it to the doggy orwhatever um but it’s delicious smells sogood I have some extra butter here and Ihave my POV po syrup so what I’m gonnado is I’m gonna make some maple butterand I’m just going to beat the butterand stream in my syrup and you kinda getthis like a really nice thick sauce andit’s so delicious if you’re on a dietjust forget it then this is the way toenjoy pancake I am telling you I’m gonnabe happy how do it might be maple butterthanks very much let’s see the flufftendon fluffy one thing I love aboutthis recipeit has a great salt to sugar contentcomfort food straight up mm-hmm and justlike that just a few extra steps and youhave the fluffiest pancakes every singletime so special thanks to our friends atcuisine for sponsoring this videocuisine products can be found at allMassey stores nationwide I’m gonnafinish my pancakes I’m gonna have a cupof coffee relax and enjoy my day and Iwill see you guys next time bye[Music]you

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