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Bub, Scrappy, and Mom make pancakes with their new pancake art thingy!
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Video Transcription

[Music][Applause][Music]hello guys welcome back to randomrubbish today we’re going to be makingpancake art so guys let’s do this here’sour skillet so I put some now pouringthe pancake batter into the panOh[Music]let’s fill ityo whiskers now we like this until ithits like a color and then we spreadpinky better over the whole thing rightyeah I won’t it be dark oh yeah are youready for that part no not yet okay ohwait until fell 50 foeoh no boyok let’s choose it now so now we putbatter over the whole thingoh the whole thing yes that’s not what Iknew I don’t you come over ding no we’regonna make so yeah I can see the cactuswait so now we wait for this oh theseare ready to turn your little guys nowwhen this will turn it and there will bea cat underokay when do you think you don’t belieneeds its own baby now let’s see[Music]I might have crunched off one of theears yeah look at that look let’s seewhat that one’s doneready yeah that’s why I said let’s makehim as small

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