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How to make Pancake Board video Tutorial | homemade pancake recipe

This video is about how to make pancake board
2 2/3 cups Cake Flour / all purpose flour sifted
6 tsp baking powder
1 cup sugar
1 tsp salt
4 eggs beaten
2 cups milk
4 tbs. melted butter


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Video Transcription

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  2. Wow sis your cookies are so great I’ll finally learn how to make cookies, but can I use hand mixer for the mixing process

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  4. This is a great recipe for this holiday season you did an amazing job,I bet the cooking taste delicious

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  6. I like how you sieved the flour, that step makes a lot of difference in pastry recipes. I also love the shapes of the cookies. Yummy and very inviting!

  7. This biscuit is beautiful and rich in some vital ingredients unlike the ones they sell in the open market.

  8. 2liked hello sweet friend amazing and supervbn goodluck one day will get successfull hope u will visit my

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