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How to make a grinch pancakes

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Video Transcription

hey guys so today’s video I’m gonna beshowing you how to make Grinch pancakesso first step is you make a pancakeso you basically easier hack get pancakebatter you should show you how to make apancake but add green food dye in it andalso add some green sprinkles then putsome syrup on it and the first time thatyou um like eat it you might look weirdalso put some chocolate chips in itsorryit might look weird but if he’s look soamazing and it might smell weird but ittastes so amazing so I’m gonna show youwhat it’s supposed to look like if youhave syrup on it what it’s supposed tolook like not that’s like to greenydon’t put truly neat cuz you know evenif you don’t want syrup you’d get likelike these get back in something so I’mgonna get Nathan I’m good in me I’m goodI’m good in it there should be a songguys me wow it cut myself I make goodsongs I’m caught in it I’m cutting itI’m good in itI’m cool cook good in it so see you guyslater

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