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Video Transcription

on a scale from one to ten I am reallyreally honest err hey guys what’s upit’s pancakes without using our hands Idon’t know how this is gonna work I madea cake last time it didn’t taste goodbut it was a cake so hopefully thesetasted I believe cause I believe that wecould do it should we wash our handswe’re not using our hands yes to get themix out of this bag with a measuring cupI literally don’t know how we’re gonnado thatoh you’re sticking your head in the bagnext up we got water but we got to getthe measuring cup out of the cabinetthat’s really the hard part[Music]oh that’s so cringe yeah someone’s inthe city isn’t that okay no use pulpelbows you’re gonna break itgreat worksoccer players skills I love that theonly thing in the fridge is wine andbatteries and two eggs at the topthere’s no oh my god no we’re not nowe’re not keeping the shell in thereokayso there’s absolutely no way to get theshell out so I think we’re just gonnahave to make pancakes with full eggshells yeah we love crunchy pancakesnow it’s Ali’s turn no you’re goodoh no it was good come on it’s okay snowwhy you’re good so we decide to leavethe flower on her face kidding all rightI’ll hold your hair you know it tooklike 20 minutes I just got there on myphone but you did it good job whatreally what how did I how did I do thatI really thought that was gonna get alot burner to open about your king yourkingcome on you got it we’re getting theladle out Oh amazinghi everyone welcome to modern art classwe’re making um make Mickey Mouse oh nomake Mickey Mouse it’s a snowmanfirst try let’s get it this is our finalresult just one one pancake well it’sgonna taste try it taste tested it’sgonna be so crunchy it is super crunchyoh you’re eating eggs doubt it westopped it no you’re not why are youeating it I wish you could hear thecrowd yeah hey I hope you enjoyed I wishyou could taste the crunch it’s reallybad oh yeah scale from one to ten I amreally really honest Ariel from one toten I’ll read early okay I’m sorry oneto ten like/subscribeum okay I’ll see you guys soon bye

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