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hi my lovely work my kitchen where myfuture Pancake Dayyes keys are very excited pancakepancake pancake pancake pinky right it’sprobably one of my favorite days of theyear because I love pancakes now my momused to make you mine all the time but Idon’t tend to see her on pack a dayI think she climbs out on purpose shemade amazing pancakes so I am going totry and make some myself again but I’mgonna put my soup on at the same timeand I’m gonna put the pizzas in andthings like that just to make sure I’musing my energy efficiently but beforewe get started if you are subscribing oralready a subscriber to this amazingchannel make sure you come back in acouple of weeks to make sure you arestill subscribe cuz you are beingnaughty yes and subscribing mysubscribers yes we are watching it giveme a like cuz I love it and we enjoyenjoying it and could you get me out mysocial media I have Twitter Instagramand I got 6uk and Facebook at officialthanks to Twitter Instagram and our 6ukFacebook official audacity UK and onlyfans oh I love my only friends and Ifeel liberated on my own families thelink is on my Twitter Instagram andFacebook or you could just google it wecould right then it’s me pancake now Ihad cheat at London pancakes yeah am Igonna put my suit on firstI do have knickers on but I’m notshowing you just in caseand that’s and yeah alright we’re gonnaa bit of popular because I’m workingyeah that is my spoon actually this ismy bonus today commander these are threepoundsagain small bowls weight baking tray youknow whatso the monkeys aren’t in yet so I’mgoing to do their lady sits around thesepancakes is just me and mr. good Ohlet me get these I’m cook now becausethe waffles won’t take off to cool causemr. Bruce is having dinner so I’m inthis debate at the moment with one of myamazing fans yes and he’s askingyesterday uh you see me this toastedteacake with lettuce no no no that’s thequestion is asked well I have tea cakeswith or hot cross buns with lettuce andlarge mean and oh my god it is like oneof the best things you could ever eat itis fresh it’s deliciousit’s just screw Delaney I’m sure well hecan’t get his head around that is thatwhat that sounds disgusting but it’sreally really really hot I promise it’snot it’s really tastyhe’s now asking toasted or untoasted soit’s all toasted even posted do do dowall mattesmy soup ready made soup and it is meatand potato there’s two people so I do itthe two meals because nobody else woulddo this aroundso basically remove all packaging puteight hundred and fifty milliliters ofwater or stock into a saucepan then addvegetables bring to the boil of reducewho needs a microwave for 15 minutes soI’m gonna put the been universallyprotectors and then what I’m gonna do isin my job that I got out I like to useno stock cubes and I do no no no stopcute if anyone so my new kettle comes inhandyor just dofor back three three cups because you’rebeing a forty three cups all rightthat’s gonna boil did you have todissolve the Knorr stock you you say thelettuce appear so it won’t break thatallin[Music]if Mike that was amazing my new travelis noises like salt and pepper it[Music]so ready for the water to a mapAmerica make little cupcakebecause then I can control themI’m going out and I’m gonna I’m gonnacheat a little bit just to these onesyou know just so I can trygot my orangesnobles estimate[Music][Music]my friendready still waiting to kill but to be aplatform suppose it’s not taking thatmortgagewe’re a complaintsto myself unfortunately to other memearcade mode right one thing that freaksme outwhat water in the junk overstock youkeep going fill it that wasn’t badthat was not bad yes that was not makesure it’s all in the pan right that’swarming up nicely right so my littlecheat my little cheat I’m King shakeryes it’s an axle on the moon pound so Itried the Betty Crocker ones on Maya wkgamer I’m not very good so quantumpancakes with a flip in a fries how toprepare shake gently remove cap at 290milliliters of cold water to fill linereplace the cap shake the bottle for 2minutes until the mixture is smoothpreheat is 7 inch frying pan and a smallamount of oil to the pan enough tolightly coat the base pour enoughpancake batter over the base of the finegravel to form a thin pancake cook forone to two minutesgently easing the pancake from the sidesof the pan the pancake war would beready to turn the slip when the battermoves freely from the base of the planturn off flip the pancake cook the othersample called brown serve with anassortment of sweet or savory toppingswe may have given these cookinginstructionsGide overly fond so go give it a shakewhere’s the line says up to the linethere’s no line oh there’s the linelook[Music][Music][Music]makes you stand out nownow suppose this is the equivalent towhisking getting there in time for meI’m gonna shake it cuz if you’re doingthis with each other you say about youhave 30 seconds incan you have 30seconds shaking out loose a secondshaken so pound though we try to knowsometime we tried the American I hadsomething this morningthis just don’t seem very bit oh ohthat’s wrong grammar Oh make it to fit Iwant to be going look for my wallet sirjust a little bit just just sticking upa bit more but I made my own mixturethen how that’s gonna react with theKoalathat’s a bit rightwell go for it well gotta go tiny tinytiny bit of oil why I always go aroundthe poundfamily using one seat time to do thisand like make you mini ones cuz anycoming oh I’m so impatient ridiculousnow mr. looser is a weird one it costedpancakeshe has jam and milk on his yeah I haveno I have she got an orange a month theydon’t miss like sugar on hers so goodElvis monkey maybe the monkey doesn’tlike themwhere you have with all the glassesoh yeah let’s check that downoh that’s quite good that does look good[Music]actuallyand because I didn’t put too much oil init it’s not just scary move around quitewell it’s gotta wait alright today do itpancakeswe meant messed up with of this watchthe first one wrong be the worst one butthat doesn’t look too badwhich means that can only go downhillfrom well that’s not good it’s not goodwhy meI’m making Angelica’s couldit’s about just about why is that doingthat I think that’s not bother with themall drinking down the sides and the lidstoo big so that’s not happening therelive with French stick of water allright let’s get the German mr. producerI might lose over boltyeah he’s got my speech I’m like thankyouexcept another very patient personthat’s uh what a minute timer 20 minutesway to get to the better see this is thepoem about pancakes getting cold sothink of one of them three and then Ican help three hopefullyand you look great in order to talk tothem and they’re just always makes mesmile always makes me smile you know melike to smile smile though it’s breakingaway without small Kristamake sure it’s outside yeah there’sBetty Crocker ones I didn’t allow yourkid game they were all basically war onthe inside I think I put too muchmixture in the back and we’re gonna havenot a patient person I was a cook cookcook cook cook quick ku-ku-ku-kuin it wouldn’tmy dad looks really good that one time asmidge of oil I’m going to give this ashape[Music]so yes this is a little way to do themif you don’t if you don’t want to a buystore-bought one or make your ownmixture I don’t know what the taste likeyeah but that is actual come in I mightactually say that to make the mixturelater in you know the normal mixture theoil the flour the sugar and the milk Imight do that see that wash that out andsave it for lateryeah because it’s easy to pour findingit’s very much easier to can’t beat onesokaycan’t beat most I’m cakesyeah about it Ohbecause then wait for me to cross afight bring you down chop my a beautifulorange aback just one I had to go tomarket to get some as they have sold outof oranges that’s how many people wantedoranges for their pancakes today so Iwent to my local market and I got toshoot gorgeous oranges but pound tastesgood right back to the gorgeous pancakesthat is nearly cooked a bit all the waywe put that one and I’m gonna put thatin the middle too perfectthat’s cuz I was chopping up the orangesfor mine that’s what it isyeah I think that the bottom or right soI’m gonna shout mr. produces so while Imake you mine he’s gonna be doing hisjob and milk over here so one second mr.producercome on three pancakes right he’s notgonna talk about anything he’s justgonna get his milk get his job that’stoo much oil I’m gonna take some of that[Music]I’ve got excited for mr. producers inthe roof I did I only have raspberry jamI’m sorry not my cup of tea you Jem’sday I must be jam you like itI never go no other job the kids likethat get your milk orange no nobody willsee you at the fridge isn’t italright sugar maples ooh you want maplesyrup from me so we’re not on any fatones you’re gonna have played mind gamesseven but it should work wish it werebecause I’ve got my other job in Bonitait’s big baby I’m going ondo you do how green is that not botherhe had a drink of my teaCarrerawell that looks nice deep very gettingway too excited them thank younow cook get out stop watching I thinkI’ll probably geteither another two or three and then youwant to include pancakes in off haven’tyou well you wanna stay and watch mecook my pancakes now I’ll leave it everytime we might as I say togethersure but uh but whatever their businessto go oh why the brown it’s T in thepast but my god it is a nice feeling weuse that pancake to see in the past it’sstill gonna taste nice orange do youthink I’m gonna be able to ask and waitfor more to be cooked before I eatwhat came up bitter black net then it’sbeing non-stick panluck coming up man Maxie my spatula whenI can’t I think that I’m you know it wasI think he has to sayhow do you smell so good and mr. spatulaoh it’s about to luma bunking beetle I’msorry todayyeah it’s just I wonder I’m heatdamn right hey good – I know – a perfectbut the third one I was shocked with myoranges so it kind of got forgotten okaysomoaning become one of those hot bathsyou knowI’m not blessedhundred tenall right I’ll do a little walk thatalthough I’m pretty shocked mr. bruisesI’m not bothered I’ll treat you goodlaughs you little bear baits well evendo that with burnt bits and scrape outcourse damagehmmif you actually follow me on Twitter Ihad pancakes this morning design I triedmy government they do our American sideones the nice but minor better I don’tknow if it’s open cuz obviously they’renot so that isn’t it the American onesso yeah I just got that off my spatulaso I’ve melted my spec to it went to thegood cause other stuff if I get one more[Music]that’s really well that shake has soyeah I’m gonna wash that out and use itagain well the monkeys later so I’ve gotfor mister Medusa had three four sevenpancakes that should be enough for anypancake lover lover lover yes you wouldthink sowhen will used to make me some eightI just you just say to you home babyyou going up I’d never stopped my mommaking you packets they just tasteamazing but anything that you want makesure she could make me a simple saladand it would still taste better thanmineyeah all right I’m done yeah right now Ihave to decorate so I’ve got fourpancakes here on my plate forbeauuutiful pancakes you see them sowe’re gonna squeeze this amazing gonnasqueeze this amazing orange onto themmmm keep making that silly noise sugar[Music]but the beauty of it is you don’t knowhow much should we put on but kind ofgonna melt into the orange right that’sit I’m up I’m gonna need my pancakesI love you all don’t get bye subscribefind out my twitter is from a facebookcan we check how many fans I love youwill good bye


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