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How to cook pancakes… French style!

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Video Transcription

[Music]I’m going to teach you how to trick somepancakes with first stop first I’m gonnashow you the ingredients to make somedelicious pancakes further units you’llneed two big spoon of sugar two eggs 150millimeter of milk 125 gram of flour 1pack of vanilla sugar 1 pack of bakingpowder and a pinch of salt first of allneed to put all the dry ingredients in abig bowl so I put some salt some veniresugar some flour and some baking powderand you start and this thing is okay nowit’s done sorry that’s oneokay take them off you put it thesicknessokay now you’re mixed you mix the milkwith the two days I’m like like it’ll bewhite when it’s done before I do thepreparation on the dry ingredients and asecond when it’s done you put theproduction in the dry ingredients[Music][Applause]okay now it’s good and they’re going tolet it rest for like fifteen to thirtyminutes on your kitchen just near thewindow all the preparation or is restingwe’re gonna fix to watch eggs[Music][Music]this should add the egg whites to thepreparation this is a secret for suchdelicious pancake you go step by steplike this and you slowly get it into thepreparation and do this until thisanymorewhat’s X okay when it’s done you juststart cooking we’ll lovely pancakes it’sgonna be like really delicious so firstI already put all but you to put some Ohlike this it doesn’t stay on the panokay when you feel it’s hot you can stopput your pancakeslet’s go[Music]I finished cooking my pancakes and theysmell really good I’m just waiting toeat them all so don’t forget tosubscribe see you[Music]

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