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How to Cook Japanese Fluffy Pancakes in Quarantine

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Video Transcription

good morning to you guys gals and palswelcome back to our channel if you’renew sit back and relax as we teach you anew recipe today we’re going to bemaking some Japanese fluffy pancakesaka sofa de pound cakey they can looklike this this or this these pancakesare great if you don’t like the averagenormal pancake because they’re a loteasier on theas Duma so let’s not waste any more timeand get crack-a-lackin’ you’ll need allpurpose flour baking powder milk eggssugar vanilla essence and butter andremember this is for two servings firstmix three tablespoons of all-purposeflour two egg yolksa tablespoon of milk and 1/4 of ateaspoon of baking powder next mix thetwo egg whites and 2 tablespoons ofsugar in a separate bowl to make somemeringue then combine the two separatecontents together into one bowl nowbefore you add anything to the pan cutsome parchment paper 12 inches long and1.5 inches in height then tape it into acircle like you see here after that addsome butter to the pan turn the stove upto medium heat place a parchment paperon then finally add the batter inside ofthe parchment paper leave that to steamcook for a couple of minutes with a topon make sure you go through the sameprocess for the other sideplated pour some maple syrup on top andyou’re done you can now make the bestbreakfast embed pancakes ever just makesure you don’t leave a mess in thekitchen or any place for that matter ifyou have any comments questions orconcerns leave them in the commentssection below if you like this videolike it if you want to see more of usmake sure to subscribe thank you forwatching[Music]you

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