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Part 1 Making Pancakes

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Video Transcription

hey guys welcome back to another videoso today I will be playing pop papacompete pancake area they came if youever so right now I have $24 in my big21 $21.40 of me and ask my total tipsorry few here that rummaging in theback so I have a little puppy which isher name is Kyla this is all come backto okay so now I’m gonna Ihave to have two pancakes so I’ll puttwo in it so now I have to wait until Ikick your tap way then I have to fit lipit but then when I flip it I have towait until it’s fully to put it in thecheck mark to put in choppedyes my phone’s retarded like me so likein about a couple minutes I won’t be aswitch flipping but this one’s ready tobe flip this one is too so that’s notthat there they were ready to flip Ihave to wait until it just to fool thebar gets full and then I can um and thecheck markI mean I’m obviously put this pancakeright there in this pancake see if Ihave to banana[Music]so this is like so now I have to go backhere in order and station and then Ihave to click this and take the lastorder I know sometimes I get bad ratingsometimes I get good ratings okay solet’s do 3 4 5 6 7 8 8 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8so literally it filled up the wholething and then I should date so like Isaid don’t when I’m just like halfwaylike you’ll know because once it turnspain it’s ready to be flippedit’s so if I haven’t said what this gameis often it’s called cool math Gamescomif you ever want to get have this gameI’ll put it like this and then it’s thisis a lot of injects so let’s go to booksection let’s see one two three bulletberriesand blueberry syrup sometimes it doesget a little messy but so this will oneof two pancakes so L did too okay so nowit once three things of butter to do andnow let’s do blueberries and blueberrysyrupit’s finished let’s do thisthis one’s kind of last three pancakesand then we’re closedand let’s see what my paycheck was sowe’re gonna put it right in the middlethey go rightoh my god so yeah so I had fourcustomers waiting with 76% grilling was93% in something exception was 93% oh I[Music][Music]want a dollar niceand citizens so I have 41 dollars and Ithink I hope you guys had fun watchingthank you please give this video a bigthumbs up and subscribe to my channeland I hope you had fun watching bye[Music]

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