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FOOD: My first time to make Fluffy Pancakes

Due to Covid-19 the school year ended unexpectedly. While on home quarantine in the Philippines, I tried to catch up on the trend of making FLUFFY PANCAKES. My grandpa does a cameo 😆

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

hello welcome to Little Miss Jesseltoday we’re gonna be attempting to makefluffy pancakes it’s been the trendbefore but we’re trying to catch up abit anyways okay my pancake mix my eggsthe cop stuff we can measure me somebowls with a mixing spoon a tablespoonand a cup of milk 2 cups and some butterwe also have some water in case so let’sstart pouring the milk in our wetingredientsafter putting in the milk we’re supposedto add to yours I’m scared that I won’tbalance the egg yolks you will need helpfrom months I’m doing it I’m aprofessional Baker now ah but thenyellow eggs pop some yellow got emcomingwe’re almost done mixing and so thatit’ll be smoother my mom started with umseeing the white egg yolk because sothat they want to take too much time whyegg egg yolks are the most importantpart of the pancake because you need thepancakes fluffy that’s why they’recalled fluffy pancakes so it is[Music]so I added some orange to my side homeand it’s because in its Vegas itsfragrance it’s great even smells like Ismell watch it on your busy and this isthe elephant off my pancake since I’m afirst-timer how does it taste I love Ivisited

4 Replies to “FOOD: My first time to make Fluffy Pancakes

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  4. I am definitely going to make this! Looks good sis loved the video and I will definitely be watching more of your channel. CAME TO SHOW TRUE ❤

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