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#EBCDN Recipes!: Family Time Making Pancakes with the Celestinos!!

EBC United Kingdom Bureau correspondents, Eribelle & Erianne Celestino, along with their family show us how to make pancakes while spending quality time with each other!!

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EBC United Kingdom Bureau

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Video Transcription

hey there its air bail an Aryansolicitor from the UK so here’ssomething enjoy watching most definitelydoing but of course eating so we decidedto make pancakes for breakfast I lovehow this is a way for us to learn how tocook to make pancakes we need floursugar milk and eggs and then you can addother ingredients like us we chose toadd bananas and chocolate spread so wecan have different flavored pancakes solet’s start this is how we make pancakeswe don’t usually get the exact measuresbut we use medium sized cups or mugsso for the flavored banana pancakeswe need a mug of flour[Music]heff mug of sugar[Music]a mug of milk an egg and smash bananasand then mix everything and cook thepancakes you can do the same mixing withthe chocolate spread four chocolateflavoured pancakes[Music]this pancakes are so delicious how aboutyou would you usually have for breakfastit’s always nice to spend some qualitytime with our family and what better wayto do it then eating and cooking it alltogether we hope that you enjoyed thisas much as we did and maybe next timeyou can share your recipes – I amArabella and Marian’s on the scene orand we live in interesting times[Music]thanks for watching this video make sureyou give us a thumbs up and subscribe toour YouTube channel right over here andif you like this video make sure youcheck out our kitchen a spiritedplaylist over hereyou[Applause][Music]

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