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Best Kenyan pancakes in 2020 | cook with me.

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Video Transcription

good morning people good morning babyhey guys good morning YouTube it’s abeautiful day money just awake right nowit’s so cold and chilly really it’s easybut anyway we thank God for life andNairobi has been hot for the past fewmonths it has been hot now that you canexperience some cold we get a reason tosay thank you it’s just that people mustalways complain okay complain if it’shotthey want rain if it’s cold they wantheat you know but anyway this morning Iwant to put you through on my breakfastmaking we are going to do pancakesKenyan pancakes Kenyan pancakes strongones okay so just stay there don’t goanywherelet me quickly grab a shower and thencome back and take you guys to thekitchen and then we do it I’m going toshow you the easiest way to prepare thebest kale and pancakes with not muchstuff okayto enjoy your breakfast week not everyday play to try and apply the plantaincan’t get tired of it so let’s see wegot a shower then come back so mama hasshower – mama has groomed us up mama hasplayed her back okay so let’s go andcoupon cake make breakfast pancake forbrick first we’re feeling clean andfreshlet’s head to the kitchen okay so hereis our[Music]I mix them together just keep staringuntil you seethem simple then you can add water theamount of water you put it looking at itto see whether it has really become whatyou want you to become depends now withyour family’s Kenyan pancake forbreakfastmy best not every time bread bread breadah children will get saddled raise kidswho gets out of bread but if they hearyou yeah the amount of sugar and saltthis is equally inside so I like makingmy pancake flour quite watery so that’snot so thick so that the pancakes don’tcome[Music]for winter fix you have to warm themhere because the weather is very coldright now the better for the baby youdon’t want your baby to start somethingcasing that you can’t bleed well becauseof too much cold inside his lungs so yousee this Weetabix is hot so before younotice is that is not really hungryso it’s time for fryingit’s like they know you keep it downtheir way to get speaker and starttogether[Music]I have the only you have to learn tomultitask[Music]so guys is free time guys my portsidereally disappointing me okaysee like this pan someone advised me tobuy non-sticky quartz yes they are minesticky and they says that they don’tleave dust in you they don’t hold thatinside the court but the color is comingout if anybody knows where to buy a nonsticky port that the color will not comeout and look at me like this can youjust leave it at the description box orthe comment section down below for me tocheck it out so first of all you have toallow they plan to get the heat the parthas to become hotbefore you start doing the magic the panjust has to become hot then if we if youdon’t want your pancake to stick on yourpots you have to make sure you put oilinside fast to be hot so yeah as wellwe’re going to keep the ones we havefixed alreadyso here is our mixture this bowl is sobigso for easy access to the oil up intoour audience have discovered okay sofirst of all you see I keep some pointinside the time and you have to makesure that it’s evenly spread inside thetime so the mixture you want to put so[Music]Oh spreading it with[Music]it’s very easy if you used to eat it’svery easyis not going to give you more travel atmuch trouble let me just keep there[Music]for a few minutes and become strongbecause I told you always make mymixture to be very watery so that mypancakes[Music][Music][Music][Music]my babymaybe the wig andmy baby mommy’s making for you this iswhere the testes need to bear a spoonwell I managed a and it’s quite a bear aspoon that kind of flux to do pancakesso you have to use the oil at the age ofthe pan like this[Music]number one is doneWow guys how beautiful is a do you likewhat you see[Music]because there are still some oil insidethe port so the second one you can justwithout boiling the port so that itdoesn’t have something too much oil andwe found too much oily and[Music][Music][Music][Music][Music][Music][Music][Music][Music]remember you don’t want your pancakes[Music]you see it looks more of chapatti but isnot chapati it’s pancake that is whatyou fix when you are a pro[Music]you can make them a big or small in sizesometimes I figured tamati depending onwhat size you like if you feel you mightbe people can eat one one and getsatisfied you can be ten week but if youfeel you can do small one people cantake two two or three three per personit is not there’s no problem at all[Music][Music][Music][Music][Music]the[Music][Music][Music]you know pancakes yes the best results Ijust wanted you to see how soft they areyou can’t fold it see you see so Ireally enjoyed yourself you learnsomething as well as enjoyed you justneed to adapt baking flour a little ofmilk and an egg or two depending on howmany people you’re cooking for many morepeople to the X is enough salt sugarwater flour milk and egg and oil ofcourse and you’re good to goso guys thank you so much if you likemore of this kind of stuff maybe thenthe comment section down below let meknow if you love this video sothe same way I do give it a thumbs uplike share view share with the familiarfriends and let them subscribe as wellyour tool in case you haven’t subscribecan you do that for me kindly do thatokay don’t forget to subscribe see youguys in my next video

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